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Posted: May 05, 2016 | Updated: September 30, 2020


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4 Ideas Friday: You’re getting cooler!

When you think about a lunch bag, you probably imagine a hard-sided cooler or basic flat lunch bag. But there are so many new styles and ways to turn that cooler into a statement piece. Melanie, our bag merchandiser, has zeroed in on some of the cooler styles that are gaining momentum right now. They’re more than enough to keep your clients interested!


Cotton Canvas Styles

Cotton totes are showing incredible growth in the market, and the cotton canvas look is making its way into the cooler category. The KOOZIE® Waterfront Cotton Kooler and Small 8″ x 10″ Cotton Canvas Kooler Bag have the personality of cotton canvas bags, but feature an insulated interior. Lunch coolers disguised as boat totes are also gaining traction. The Coleman® Dual Compartment Cooler features a functional tote in the upper section and an insulated cooler on the bottom. Even though the Boat Tote Cooler isn’t made out of cotton, you wouldn’t know it! The insulated polypropylene bag has the exact same look as a regular boat tote.

Large Cotton Canvas Kooler Bag - 13" x 17"

Cooler Duffels

Cooler duffels are ideal for entertaining on the road. Their enormous packing space and functional details make it easier to feed multiple people on the go. Adjustable compression straps on the Coastline Cooler make efficient use of vehicle space, and extra pockets allow them to store non-food items in the same bag. Fuel locker-room athletes with the KOOZIE® 12-Can Duffel Kooler, which fits right in with their sporting gear. Our 12-Can Convertible Duffel Cooler continues to be a popular choice, since it converts from a lined cooler to an unlined duffel bag. And the Igloo® Tundra Cooler will fuel the appetites of your outdoor work crews!

Convertible Duffel Cooler - 24 Can

Deluxe Picnic Bags

Coolers that go above-and-beyond expectations give your customers an idea about what they can expect when working with you. More than just a lunch bag, the Glacier Backpack Cooler has a wide, drum-shaped compartment that can feed a whole group. All the fundamentals are built into the Vertex Party Cooler and Summer Fun 30 Can Party Cooler, including a bottle opener and lots of extra pockets. Separate hot and cold compartments in the KOOZIE® Double Compartment 30-Can Kooler provide extra versatility.

Chic Picnic Cooler

Mid-size Lunch Bags

Your employees may be eating more than just lunch at work. And maybe your health-conscious associates prepare food each day in multiple containers. Our mid-size cooler collection offers extra room for all their mealtime essentials. A 16-can capacity makes the Coleman® 16 Can Cooler attractive to your gym crowd. Employees who snack frequently can access snacks from the top of the Pop Top 12-Can Cooler. They can fit both breakfast and lunch in the Landmark Cooler. Or, feed larger appetites with the Bailey Box Lunch Cooler.

Colour Pop Lunch Cooler Tote



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