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Posted: September 23, 2015 | Updated: September 30, 2020

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4 Ideas Friday: Nonprofits make the most of their onebyone® grantsEach business day, one worthy nonprofit receives a onebyone grant. That’s $500 in promotional products the organization can use to spread the word, recruit volunteers, thank donors and basically make the world a better place.Sometimes, onebyone recipients share how they used their grant to move their charity forward. The stories they tell are inspiring, so this week we are passing along their ideas to you. Maybe they’ll get your creative juices flowing. What could you do with printed totes, pens, drinkware or other items, whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit business? Take a look at these ideas and apply them to your marketing efforts.


4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!On Purpose Journey Inc.On Purpose Journey Inc. offers support to those who serve both country and community—including deployed troops, veterans, firemen, police and their families. In the past three years alone, On Purpose Journey has supported 20,320 heroes.Alternative Printed Bundle Up Scarf
Recently, the organization joined Advanced Disposal to host the 3rd Annual Combat Warrior event at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisc. “Our events serve a dual-purpose—we hold these events to honor those who serve, but they also present our warriors with the opportunity to network and connect with one another,” said On Purpose Journey founder and president Mollie Manhattan. “They can connect with people who understand what they’ve gone through and who understand the effects combat has on transitioning back into the community.”On Purpose Journey used its onebyone grant to buy scarves embroidered with the www.onpurposejourney.com website. The scarves were handed out to those who attended the event. “I was so excited to find out we were chosen to receive a grant. It’s really great when you’re doing something to help others and there are companies joining you in that effort to make people feel extra special and appreciated,” said Manhattan.
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!The Limb Preservation FoundationThe Limb Preservation Foundation is committed to the prevention and treatment of limb-threatening conditions. The foundation has many programs focused on research, scholarships and education for both patient and practitioner, plus a patient assistance program that helps pay expenses, such as rent, utilities, travel and lodging, during medical treatment. Volunteers provide encouragement and a shoulder to lean on for those recovering in the hospital after surgery. This effort has reached 426 people in its first year. “Many of these patients are completely alone, so these volunteers provide great support,” said Emily Williams, The Limb Preservation Foundation’s manager of special events and communication.The Limb Preservation Foundation used its onebyone grant to purchase care bags, which were filled with all the essentials for a hospital stay—toiletries, lip balm, lotion, a deck of cards and more. The bags also included information about The Limb Preservation Foundation’s services and resources. “We want patients to be able to focus on their recovery versus on how to put food on the table or keep a roof over their head,” said Williams. “We let these patients know our organization is here to help and empower them to continue living the best life possible.”Road Runner Sportpack
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!United States of HopeIraqi war veteran Sam Redfern founded the United States of Hope (USOH) just six short years ago. USOH, a nonprofit organization based in Missoula, Mont., offers many programs and services aimed at helping those impacted by war. One such program aimed at helping children, called Letters of Love, organizes groups of U.S. students and community members to write letters to orphans living in USOH-supported orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya and Mosul, Iraq. The letters, once translated to the orphans’ native languages, are sent along with books, toys and care supplies. USOH has also done Letters of Love projects in Sudan, Haiti, Afghanistan and the Philippines.As a veteran’s support organization, USOH plays an important role in many community activities, such as the annual Missoula County Veteran’s Day ceremony and several other ceremonies held throughout the community each Memorial Day.

USOH used its onebyone grant to purchase a table cover that was used at Missoula’s Memorial Day homecoming heroes barbeque. USOH has since used the table cover, as well as pins imprinted with the USOH name and logo, at several volunteer fairs. “The tablecloth is beautiful … very eye-catching,” said USOH funding development officer Patti Allen. “We recruited several volunteers at the last event.” One recruit even filmed a documentary about USOH as part of her college journalism project.

Table Cover
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!South Texas Juvenile Diabetes AssociationThe South Texas Juvenile Diabetes Association (STJDA) was founded three years ago to provide resources and support to families of children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. STJDA offers an array of programs and support: care boxes for the newly diagnosed, a yearly summer camp for children with diabetes, transportation assistance for medical appointments, and community education for schools, churches, youth clubs and more on the disease and its management.An annual “Walk N Rolla” fundraiser sponsored by the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization promotes STJDA’s services, holds free diabetes screenings and educates the community on the importance of getting active and being healthy. This year’s walk sported an 80s theme and had more than 600 participants who either biked, walked or ran for the cause.

STJDA used its onebyone grant to provide 80s-style sunglasses to event participants. “We were really excited to find out we were chosen for a grant,” said Debra Franco, STJDA president. “The glasses added a lot of excitement to the event and its theme.”



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