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Posted: January 18, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Everyone wins with wellness in the workplace. Company-promoted initiatives improve employee well-being and happiness, which ultimately helps a business’ bottom line. Wellness programs have a positive impact on office culture and employee productivity. These programs can provide a big return on your investment.


If you’re looking for ideas to improve overall wellness in your office, we can help. Use these tips, combined with wellness prize ideas, to get the ball rolling.


Set the stage

Step one in getting your wellness program off on the right foot is to ensure your workplace is one where staff are encouraged to thrive and succeed.  From your CEO to interns, create a culture that fosters self-care. Help them keep track of their success by handing out Wooden Nickels when goals are met. The tokens can be collected and redeemed for a special meal or high-quality gift, such as the Clock & Card Holder.


Another way to set them up for success is to make work stations ergonomic. Choose comfortable, yet supportive chairs, and allow workers some flexibility by also providing standing desks or lounge chairs.  Provide healthy snacks for employees to enjoy throughout the day and you’ll create a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration.


Keep everyone moving

Taking short breaks throughout the day can increase production. Take advantage of time away from work stations to encourage employees to do something physical. Invite the whole team to take a short walk or host an afternoon yoga session. Keep them motivated with a wellness promotional item, such as a Fitness First Pedometer. For a less formal approach, set up Foldable Yoga Mats and Yoga Blocks where employees can stretch, rejuvenate and have a few moments of meditation. After a short break, employees will return to their computers refreshed and ready to tackle the next big project.


Encourage team bonding

Employees who form friendships with their coworkers report being more satisfied with their job.  When coworkers have the opportunity to interact, it makes for a closer-knit team. Hold team-building events to bring everyone together. Your team is sure to enjoy trivia, bean bag toss or physical challenge games. Build teams by grouping employees who don’t usually work together. Hand out these cool Sunglasses with Bluetoothâ Speakers or Auto-Botic Puzzles to get everyone excited. For bragging rights, gift winning teams the Scalloped Trophy.


Support thinking outside of the box

While physical wellness is important, so is mental wellness. Promote creativity by swapping the traditional corporate meeting room for one that is more fun and relaxing. Create a lounge-like conference area with a Big Lazy or two for employees to get comfortable. When not in use, these loungers can be easily folded up and stored out of sight. Stock rooms with wellness promotional items that can help get the conversation started, like Metallic Fidget Spinners. Or, hang the Hoop Basketball Game for use as a fun brainstorming tool.


Let the wellness fun begin!

There’s no better time than now to encourage your employees to focus on self-care and workplace wellness. With these tips, and the help of our wellness prize ideas, you have just the tools needed to create a happier, healthier team.