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Feb 03, 2017

Technology is always changing, but it pays to stay current with your promotional products. Your customers will appreciate your savvy tech sense, and you’ll establish your business as being in-the-know. Michelle, our technology merchandiser, has the latest on what is trending right now.

Smartphone Accessories

What’s the one item that is always have within arm’s reach, day or night? A smartphone. Cell phone accessories are one of the best tools for promotion. For example, the imprinted Phone Stand Slider lays flat against a phone and slides open to create a stand or hand grip. It’s convenient, unobtrusive and long lasting. The Double Pocket Cell Phone Wallet keeps their essentials in one place. If your audience enjoys watching videos, using GPS or livestreaming, the collapsible PopSocket Phone Stand will keep them interested. And, since their phones are so essential (and expensive), the military-grade Speck® CandyShell Case for iPhone® keeps them protected.

Bluetooth® Ear Buds

With the launch of the new iPhone 7, Apple® did away with ear bud ports, cutting the cord literally and figuratively. Now, everyone is turning to wireless Bluetooth instead. We have a variety of options. The Bluetooth Ear Buds with Carabiner Case offer power and volume control without cords. Cordless wraparound ear hooks, like those found on the Boomerang Bluetooth Ear Buds, are perfect for active types. Or go with the discreet ifidelity TruWireless Ear Buds with Charging Case or the hands-free True Wireless Single Ear Bud with Mic (139815, coming soon).

USB Connectors

USB connections are changing. Here’s a quick overview: Type A connectors are the most commonly known because they are seen on most computers and laptops. Right now, Type A are found on all of our charging cables, including the Charging Cables, and the majority of mainstream cables. Some new devices are coming out with Type C USBs, such as the MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel and Nokia NI. They have faster, more efficient data transfer. We have a few options with Type C USBs, including the Retractable Charging Cable with USB Type-C. Apple devices have their own proprietary reversible USB connector, which can be found on our 4 in 1 Charging Cable. If you use a variety of devices, you can get all three connectors with the Octopus Charging Cable.

Clever Tech

Technology is designed to make life easier, and we have a few clever items that help boost productivity. Take the ANKR® BT Tracker. Attach it to your keys, and it helps you keep track of your car and other valuables. If you use the Evernote platform, the Moleskine® Evernote Smart Notebook allows you to create a seamless connection between paper and digital notes. The Fitbit changed fitness technology. We have our own Activity Tracker Wristband (coming soon, 140076) that has many similar functions, including a step counter, sleep tracker, alarm, sedentary notification and selfie remote. Technology advances take scamming to new levels, but the Vault RFID Security Laptop Backpack keeps your passport, credit cards and license safe.


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