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Dec 23, 2016

We’ve hand-picked some of our best-selling, proven items to showcase this week. These products take the guesswork out of boosting your brand and promoting your company or cause.

Combine these marketing classics with your logo and you are ready to hit the ground running at a trade show, open house, seminar or event—or you can use them as everyday customer giveaways!

template-1-image-1-9Bag an advertising classic: Logo-printed bags are an ideal way to keep your company on their minds for years. Fill the bags with samples and hand them out at a trade show or open house. Surprise customers by offering a Cotton Sheeting Natural Economy Tote or Two-Tone Tote Bag with each purchase. Or sell the bags in your checkout area as a reusable alternative to paper or plastic. Office workers and traveling executives will surely appreciate how the Essential Brief Bag helps keep their papers organized. Make a lasting impression with imprinted 12-Can Convertible Duffel Coolers, which are ideal for picnics, ball games, family trips and even grocery shopping.

template-1-image-2-8Branded drinkware makes a refreshing impression: Colorful logo drinkware refreshes them and gets your name noticed. The Color Scheme Spirit Tumbler is a customer favorite with a clear view of the contents and many trim-color options. Another clear promotional winner is the PolySure Cyclone Sport Bottle, a 4imprint Exclusive. It is ideal for launching a wellness program or helping employees stay hydrated at their desks. Nothing wakes them up like a hot cup of joe in the morning, so do it right and serve it up in a Challenger Mug. Pair the mug with a packet of instant coffee or hot chocolate for a memorable winter giveaway. Stadium Cups provide solid value for company parties, sports events, concerts and more.

copy-of-template-1-image-3-8Office essentials land your logo on their desks: When you think of promotional items for the office, you probably think of pens. Our Wolverine Pen is a very affordable example. But there are many other excellent office promos out there. Consider the Power Clip (ideal for holding memos, receipts and bills—or use it to seal a bag of chips) and the Sticky Book (a variety of sticky notes in a handy book). When you want a handsome, low-cost notebook with a touch of class, give them a Budget Bound Journal.

copy-of-template-1-image-4-10Home is where the branded goodies are: Your name will stay on their mind as they open jars with a Cushioned Jar Opener or dish up dinner in the imprinted Nylon Pasta Server. Since virtually all of your customers own keys, Sof-Color Key Tags are practical promotional giveaways. And because key tags are compact and lightweight, shipping them is easy and affordable. Light up their faces (and door locks, watches, purses and more) with the Pocket LED Flashlight. The nine-bulb light is super bright, and its compact size is perfect for a pocket, purse or glove box. Spotlight your sale with a “Shine the light on savings” message—or focus attention on safety to promote nighttime visibility for walkers or joggers.

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