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Posted: August 05, 2022 | Updated: August 08, 2022 4 min read

Logo-printed pens remain one of the all-time best-selling promotional items, and for good reason. Everyone uses and holds onto smooth-writing pens, and your brand gets seen every time a customer or prospect puts that pen to paper. While the promotional pen giveaway certainly qualifies as a classic advertising tool, modern upgrades in colours, trim, materials and inks have created a huge and sometimes overwhelming number of marketing pen options.

Stephanie L., our writing category expert in the merchandising department, will help you select the perfect promo pen based on her knowledge of current trends and sales in this practical-yet-creative category. Her tips will help you narrow down our selection of 1,700 business pens so you can find the perfect match for your brand.


Ombre tones offer a chic gradient hue

“Ombre or gradient finish is back and more appealing than ever,” Stephanie says. “It creates a unique accent and visual appeal for items that typically would have a more basic look to them. Sometimes the look is more subtle, and sometimes it is a little more dramatic to really make a statement.” In French, “ombre” means “shade” or “shadow,” and ombre seems to have started with two-toned hair colouring. Ombre is now seen in the fashion world and has carried over to a variety of pens.

The Ombre Metal Pen lends a touch of class to your laser-engraved logo. It features contrasting silver trim and a textured grip. The Venemo Pen is made of heavyweight plastic with a shiny metallic ombre finish. The black rubber grip provides cushion for the fingers and also lends a contrasting accent.


The Midas look: Gold and its variants command attention

“Gold, rose gold and coloured metallic accents are making a huge comeback,” Stephanie says. “Create a unique, upscale look while keeping your budget on track. Some designs take on a modern twist and some maintain a simple, classic style.”  The Target Pen (Rose Gold) has an upscale look and a low price point, featuring stylish colours and rose gold accents. Two other great choices with metal barrels are the Alibi Metal Pen and the Rosie Metal Pen.

Another eye-catching pen is the Cache Soft Touch Metal Pen. It has metallic-coloured trim and a rubberized finish on the barrel.


Lead by example: Recycled materials make a statement

“Keeping the environment in mind as part of our daily lives has always been important, but it’s becoming a larger focus, and writing instruments are not being left out of that,” Stephanie explains. “Recycled materials are a becoming more abundant, and they can be found across name-brand, tried-and-true, and value items alike. Responsibly sourced items are also easier to find and show the sustainability side of your brand.”

The Revive Pen features stylish, translucent colours and a low price. Best of all, this click-action pen is made of 100% recycled plastic (barrel and trim). The smooth-writing T Pilot® Acroball Pen – Translucent has a comfortable textured rubber grip. This attractive promotional pen giveaway is made of 77% recycled content.


Go with the flow: Smooth-writing gel ink creates a memorable pen

“Gel inks have been around for quite some time, although they were previously known for smearing and their gloppy write-out. Thanks to new formula technologies, that is no longer the case,” Stephanie says. “Gel pens are becoming increasingly well-known for smooth write-out and ink absorbency, and that has generated a boost in popularity.”

The Rib Gel Pen is long on features but low on price. This click-action translucent pen is named for a comfy, ribbed grip. If you want to give your customers a stylus option, consider the Avendale Soft Touch Stylus Gel Pen. The stylus works on any touch-screen device. The rubberized soft-touch barrel coating and rubber grip make this cap-on pen easy to hold.


Getting promos “write”

With various promotional pen giveaways perfect for everything from grabbing attention to long-lasting branding, you can easily harness the power of the pen for your organization.