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Posted: January 08, 2021 | Updated: January 06, 2022 4 min read

Editor’s note: This article was updated in January 2022 to feature this year’s trendy promotional items.


Trends come and go—as do trendy promotional items. That’s why each year, we compile a list of top giveaways so you can stay ahead of what’s hot.


Whether you’re searching for the ideal item for your next event or finding ways to connect with clients and prospects, we’re here to help you grab attention.


For multiple work models

Over the last two years, many staff members have gone from working in the office to working from home and back again. And it’s working. Consider that 76% of organizations are now adopting a permanent hybrid model. As workers adjust to their new normal, trendy promotional products can help them feel in sync.


Wireless ear buds and a ring light will help ensure your staff is seen and heard, even when they’re working remotely. They make ideal additions to a welcome basket for new employees.

Changing locations is a breeze with useful promos, like a laptop backpack and faux leather and chrome wireless mouse. These stylish items are ideal for working just about anywhere—or even on the road!


For the kitchen

Cooking at home is popular and more than 70% of Americans plan to continue to cook in the future. If you’re looking to make connections with customers and staff, hand out these trendy promotional products for the kitchen.


Promote a wellness challenge at work that encourages people to create healthy meals with a set of faux wood measuring spoons and a lunch box complete with utensils. For your top clients and staff members, consider hosting a cooking class, either in-person or online. Share a bamboo cutting board with strap and a high quality oven mitt to help them remember the brand that hosted such a memorable gathering.


For sustainability

Sustainability is a growing concern for every industry and organization. Whether you’re a government office or private business, reusable giveaways are among the trendiest promotional items.


Help keep plastic out of landfills and waterways by handing out reusable food storage bags or metal straws. These useful items are sure to get people to stop by your booth at a community event or expo. And once they’re there, you can discuss what else you’re doing to make your business more sustainable.


Replace one-time use coffee cups with stylish ceramic mugs in the office breakroom. Offer your client a hot cup of their favorite beverage next time they visit and invite them to take the mug home as a show of gratitude for their business. Ditch the plastic water bottles and install water coolers instead. And give every staff member a reusable water bottle they can fill and refill. Bonus—this one comes in a beautiful frosted purple similar to Pantone’s® 2022 color of the year, Very Peri.


For events

Many events now feature both in-person and online options. By including both, you can expand your event to audiences you may not have been able to otherwise reach.


For in-person participants, masks and hand sanitizer will show that you consider safety just as important as any presentation, booth demo or networking meetup. And you can show appreciation to remote attendees with a phone stand that allows them to watch presentations while writing down important observations in their newly gifted notebook and pen.


2022’s trendy promotional products create opportunities

Whether you’re showing customers appreciation or helping staff work comfortably from any location, 2022’s trendy promotional items are sure to capture everyone’s attention.