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Posted: July 17, 2020 | Updated: July 20, 2020 3 min read

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or just an average Wednesday, a thank-you gift can brighten your team’s day and remind them how much they mean to your business. Recognition is important, and branded thank-you gifts are great ways to acknowledge loyal staff. Here are four simple yet meaningful ways to express gratitude.


Praise employees


Eighty-two percent of employees think it’s better to receive praise than a gift. Why not give both? Give employees a branded notepad with a personal letter that recognizes something great about them on page one. If your team is coming off a successful quarter, host a morning meeting to acknowledge their accomplishments. Make it extra memorable by giving everyone a celebratory, logoed tumbler.


Celebrate loyalty


Employee anniversaries are a milestone to be celebrated. Work with your leadership team to brainstorm a list of employee gift ideas your company can present to employees on their first, fifth, 10th (and so on) anniversaries. Company travel mugs make a great first year gift while branded fleece jackets are a fitting choice for more tenured employees. Your staff will love being celebrated and will feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication.


Gift employees something they’ll use


Employees love receiving gifts and there are countless options when it comes to choosing the perfect thank-you gift for employees. But if you’re feeling stuck, choose a gift they can put to good use. For instance, just about everyone can appreciate a Portable Charging Kit. For employees who split their time working from home and the office, a laptop backpack makes an ideal gift.


Don’t wait for a special occasion 


While receiving gifts for the holidays or on a birthday or anniversary is nice, sometimes it is even better to receive something unexpected. Acknowledge loyalty and present them with a gift of thanks when they least expect it. This will let them know that you often think about the work they put into the company. Instead of giving something generic, get personal. If they are into golf, branded towels and golf balls are a hole-in-one. If your employee is a wine lover, they’ll love a gift like the Bodega Wine Set.

The majority of employees say they feel appreciated when they receive gifts from their employer. Gift-giving doesn’t need to be complicated or reserved only for special occasions. Choose the perfect branded thank-you gift for employees to show loyal team members you care.