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Posted: August 11, 2022 4 min read

A culture of kinship is crucial to workplace success. Feeling connected to coworkers can lead to better job performance and morale. And close workplace friendships can improve staff satisfaction by an impressive 50%. We offer four ideas, along with team-building giveaways, to help you create feelings of kinship.


Create a sense of belonging

Help employees feel like they belong every time they walk into work. Host regular social events to encourage staff (and community members) to get to know each other in a fun setting. Create a festive atmosphere by stringing craft fairy lights and triangle decorations. Serve beverages in light-up margarita glasses. Line a table with sub sandwiches, soft pretzels and other delicious food.

When a team reaches a goal or finishes a project, give credit to each person, even those who only played a small part. Award each team member a starfire award. Don’t forget to snap pictures—new and long-time staff alike can bond over company photos and stories.


Encourage strong communication

Good communication is crucial to creating a sense of workplace community. Do communication and listening exercises with your team to help them build these skills. Gather your team around a table and use a prop like a smartphone or Megaphone Stress Reliever to indicate who the speaker is. Whoever is holding it gets to talk about a project, share ideas or say whatever else they think is important. Everyone else practices good listening skills. Pass the stress reliever around until everyone’s had a turn to speak. At the end of the exercise, give one to each employee as a memorable team-building giveaway.


Remind staff that written communication is an easy way to remember important to-do items. Place a Magnetic Message Board or blank adhesive notes near each team member’s desk. Encourage them to jot the top one to two things they need to communicate each day. Digital notifications are constantly dinging, so a handwritten note can help ensure they don’t forget an important message.


Give everyone a voice

When everyone feels equally valued, kinship is stronger. Create a culture where every team member feels seen and heard. Each quarter, pass around a memo notebook and a fun Wild Smilez Pen for employees to write down ideas. Tell them which were implemented and why  others aren’t yet being put into play.


When a decision needs to be made, talk to the staff who will be most affected. Encourage them to share honest opinions and concerns. Change can be difficult, so provide a messenger bag laptop case or mini desk vacuum as an employee recognition gift for their flexibility and cooperation. Even if the change has some tough consequences, staff will feel positively toward the company when they see how much you care.


Establish mentorship programs

Having an assigned mentor or buddy helps everyone feel close and connected. Have long-time employees serve as mentors and give new hires a welcome gift, like a wireless charging desk clock or sherpa blanket. New hires will feel happy and grateful they chose to work with a team that cares about the little things.


When a longer-time employee celebrates a big milestone, have their buddy celebrate with them. Send them both a hot chocolate on a spoon set with a dipped glaze coffee mug and have them set up a just-for-fun meeting (virtual or in-person) where they can catch up on life, enjoy their drink and celebrate the accomplishment. The buddy and employee will develop an even closer relationship.


Form tight-knit kinships

With team-building giveaways plus ideas like creating a sense of belonging and empowering strong communication, you can easily instill greater kinship in staff.