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Feb 17, 2017

Businesses today recognize the value in creativity when it comes to problem solving and product development, among many other things. Creativity is also an effective outlet for stress and frustration. Nurture creativity in your staff and clients while promoting your business at the same time.


Coloring Utensils
Let’s start with the basic supplies: colored pencils, crayons and markers are necessary for most artistic endeavors. Provide your creators with exactly what they need to get started with a Colored Pencil & Sharpener Set or Crayo-Craze crayon. The Fine Point Felt Tip Marker 8 Pack gives color to their visual aids. And our Crayon 4-Pack is a popular choice for restaurants and waiting rooms where the kiddos can pass their time in creative mode.


Adult Coloring Books
Adult coloring books aren’t just a fad. Coloring has real relaxation benefits. The rhythmic, methodical act of coloring and the lively colors themselves are a soothing creative medium. Coloring the pictures in the Color Comfort Grown Up Coloring Book provides a meditative quality as your guests become completely immersed in the present. The Nature and Ocean themes of the Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Books amplify the soothing effects of coloring with serene images. Coloring while listening to a lecture or attending a seminar may actually help participants absorb and retain information. So at your events, offer a Color Therapy Adult Coloring Book or the Doodle Therapy Notebook, which has note pages alongside coloring pages.


Creativity in the Office
Nurturing your staff’s creativity makes them better at problem solving. Leave some Chalkboard Magnets or Chalk It Up Ceramic Mugs around the office to encourage positive notes, compliments and inspirational quotes. Each artistic brushstroke across the Buddha Board lulls their anxiety and gives their brains a refreshing break. Your guests can experience the rejuvenating effect by personalizing a Color-Me Shopping Tote.


Coloring and Activities for Kids
Get the little ones involved in the creative coloring fun, too! Unleash their creativity with Drawing Stencils. When they need to ride in the car or wait for their appointments, keep their minds active with the Word Search Activity Pad Fun Pack or Word Jumble Puzzle Booklet. The Activity Book with Stickers provides an entertaining diversion with an educational message.

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