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Posted: December 09, 2022

There are more than 33 million businesses in the United States (PDF). That’s a lot of potential competition for companies that want to grow in the new year. Small business giveaways can play a part in meeting goals and making your brand stand out.


1. Invest in your team with perks and gifts

Investing in your employees can improve morale, inspire them to work hard, and provide motivation for great customer service, which is crucial for growth. Consider including a budget in your business plan for in-office perks, such as keeping your office kitchen stocked with snacks, like 6-Way Tins or Wooden Crates with Sweet & Crunchy Favorites. Celebrate holidays, birthdays or anniversaries with thoughtful gifts, like a Matte Campfire Coffee Mug or stylish Tezza Watch, emblazoned with your brand’s logo to show your team that you value them and their important role in the company’s success.


2. Concentrate marketing efforts and thank team members for their contributions

Marketing and sales are a significant part of any business’s budget, so invest wisely. Invite sales staff, analytics gurus and anyone else who may provide good insight to join you for a deep dive into data to look for potential untapped markets or other areas where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Consider small business giveaway ideas, like a Kubin Photo Frame or USB Hub Desk Caddy, as thank-you gifts that can be displayed in the office or at home. Equip your marketing and sales team with gifts for potential clients as well, like a Plata Business Card Case or Tuscany Dual Pocket Phone Wallet with Ring Stand. Prospects will be impressed and associate your brand with quality.


3. Poll customers on service-line additions and incent feedback with small business giveaways

A robust online presence is non-negotiable in attracting new customers, so including related objectives in your new-year business plan is a smart move. Consider additional online services that customers might appreciate. Can you offer live chat support? Hire a social media coordinator? Launch a new online loyalty program? Post a poll or send an email survey to see what kinds of services your customers would like to see. Thank them for their feedback with small business giveaways, such as Carabiner Keychains, Soft Touch Round Lip Balm, Sport Drawstring Backpacks or Pacific Aluminum Sport Bottles. They’ll love getting a gift with your logo, and you’ll love the valuable insight and exposure for your business.


4. Build meaningful community connections through volunteerism, sponsorship and more

Giving back can have tangible benefits beyond doing good and improving the community—it can boost employee morale, attract loyal customers and more. See if you can work some charitable goals into your new-year business plan, such as providing opportunities for your team to volunteer with local nonprofits. Reward employees who pitch in with gifts, like a Mesh Back Cap, Iceberg Fleece Full-Zip Jacket or 1/4-Zip Pullover with your company’s logo, to help the team feel connected while advertising your brand. Another option could be to sponsor a community event. Or to give thanks to other community partners with a Dazzling Crystal Award to spotlight the important role they play in the community.


Set your brand up for success with small business giveaways to support your new-year business plans

By improving your team’s morale, deepening relationships with customers and the community, and more, you can ring in the new year with a bang. And these small business giveaway ideas

can help set your company up for its best year yet.