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Posted: February 05, 2016 | Updated: September 30, 2020

4imprint 4 Ideas Friday 4 Ideas Friday: Sharpen your tech senses
Technology is a pervasive part of nearly everyone’s life. A cell phone is always within arm’s reach. What technology can do is beyond amazing, and it is our primary source of connection and information. It’s really not just about technology, though; it’s about those feelings of security, enhanced productivity and even relaxation that technology can deliver. Here are some products that cater to your prospects’ inner techie. Use them to evoke those positive, encouraging feelings and capture a wider audience.
High-capacity power banks make them feel secure.

Power Banks are being produced with higher capacities every day. When your employees are going to be away from home longer—or need to charge newer, high-powered devices—they need power banks that can keep up. The sense of security that comes with always having a charged phone is priceless. We now offer an advanced range of power banks with high mAh values, like the Delano Power Bank (4000mAh), the Executive Power Bank (5000 mAh), the Mondo Power Bank (8000 mAh) and the Mega Power Bank (11000 mAh).

Thin Power Bank - 4000 mAh
Extra charging cables reassure them.Your clients probably wish they had charging cables in the car, office, home, hotel and everywhere else they go. Having these cables available throughout their daily routine provides reassurance that their devices won’t run out of juice. Fulfill some of those needs with the Sporty 3 in 1 Cable Pouch or Turbo 2-in-1 Charging Cable. The Retractable Charging Cable is compatible with iPhone® 5/6, micro-USB devices and Samsung® 30-pin devices. And if those aren’t enough, these all-in-one Charging Cables cover almost any cell phone on the market!Charge It Up Cable
Listening to music helps their mood.Music has a way of changing the mood in a room instantaneously. The Cypress Wireless Speaker resonates good vibes when it’s playing their favourite tunes. Your workers can use music to energize themselves during a workout with the Buzz Bluetooth® Ear Buds, which have a range of up to 33 feet. Help them tune out their worries with the Fold Up Headphones with Pouch. Your clients can even work on professional and personal development by listening to podcasts through the Cylinder Ear Buds with Triangle Case.Foldable Stereo Headphones

Multipurpose accessories help them stay organized.Products that work with multiple devices help save time and make your staff feel more productive. With an efficient item like the Accent 4 Port USB Hub, they can connect multiple devices at once, making it faster and easier to download files. Help them relieve stress—and prop up their phone—with the adorable MopTopper Dual Screen Cleaner. Accommodate their on-the-go lifestyle while keeping a secure grip on their smartphone with the Cell Mate Smartphone Wallet. And the Exclusive Pin Drop Stylus Screen Cleaner Key Tag helps take the work out of maintaining a smudge-free touch screen.Desk Cube with Ear Buds


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