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Posted: June 19, 2020 | Updated: January 05, 2021 3 min read

Being open for business comes with many new challenges for business owners. One of those challenges includes finding ways to maintain safe distances in the workplace without completely removing the personal touch that makes your business unique. Ninety-five percent of people ages 18-24 and 89% of seniors are taking measures to practice social distancing. Rise to the challenge with these creative solutions and workplace safety giveaway ideas.


Create space

Increase awareness of the six-foot rule by using floor stickers and banner displays around your office or workplace. Floor stickers are a great visual to help ensure safe distances are being maintained. Whether you are using them in a public space, like at a check-out line, or in office breakrooms or conference rooms, these stickers help customers and employees better visualize a safe, six-foot distance. Banner displays positioned near the front entrance of your workplace can serve as both a warm welcome and a friendly reminder to maintain proper distances. For smaller offices, use these displays as partitions to help ensure distancing guidelines are being met.


Offer contactless pick-up and drop-off

Accommodate customers who may not yet feel comfortable interacting in person. Custom paper bags serve as a great branding tool to package purchases. And they’re an excellent reminder that your company is open for business. Whether it’s curbside pickup or delivery to their door, customers will feel valued knowing you are taking measures to help keep them safe. Send customers a custom magnet with purchases as a thank you for their support. It also adds a personal touch that reminds customers to use your services again.


Provide employees with necessary provisions

Masks and hand sanitizer have become part of our everyday norm. Aside from maintaining safe distances, these are important safety giveaways to help ensure employees stay healthy. Face masks are recommended when six feet of distance can’t be maintained. Outfit your employees with a reusable cotton face mask for comfortable all-day wear. Employees will also appreciate having access to sanitizer that’s easy to keep on hand. Bottles with a carabiner allow employees to attach the hand sanitizer to a belt loop or lanyard so it’s always within reach. If running a store or restaurant, offer customers sanitizer pocket packs. Imprint them with a reminder to wash hands and practice safe distancing.


Reconfigure business space

It may be necessary to reconfigure your business’s layout to accommodate safe distancing. If you’re working in an office or reception area, organize seats so there is at least six feet of space between them. Also, make sure to allow six feet between employee tables or desks. Provide customers and staff with their own individual pens for paperwork. This will help reduce the amount of germ exposure. Set up counter windows on reception desks and check-out stations to create a barrier between employees and customers.


Staying healthy is everyone’s top priority, and you can help people achieve that by implementing distancing guidelines at work. Use these tips and workplace safety giveaway ideas to guide your efforts. Be well!