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Jan 22, 2016

4imprint 4idea Friday


4imprint 4idea Friday

4 Ideas Friday: Promotional gear for the big game!Get your company’s name in the game! Whether it’s the super bowl half-time show or a local state tournament, take these sporting events as opportunities to insert your promotional message. Sports is a strong unifying factor for your audience, whether they personally participate or are just spectators for teams big or small. Show team spirit and comradery with the crowd by providing cheering devices, special visitor’s gifts and matching team wear.
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!Root for the home teamIf they’re cheering on the pros or the little leagues, from the bleachers or the living room, equip the crowd with the appropriate logo’d gear necessary to root on their favorite team. For instance, Megaphones and FAN-ta-STICKS Stadium Bangers give fans the opportunity to express their team loyalty and make some noise in the stands. Paper Football Helmets in team colors make a great team spirit statement and puts your logo where the in the action is. Or, give attendees a humorous Foam Basketball Hat and Mask to wear as a fun reminder of the game and your name.Rally Stick Pom - 11"
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!Fan favorite souvenirsEnhance spectator experience at games by offering each of them a custom-printed souvenir. Imprint their team’s logo, along with your company name, on Round Buttons. The button’s universal shape is easy to feature sports themes, mascots or certain cheers. For a more specialized approach, the Soft Key Tags are available in a myriad of shapes, including common mascots. Be sure to toss Signature Mini Sport Balls out into the crowds during breaks, intermissions and time outs for a logo’d takeaway. At sports bars or tailgate parties, be sure to offer guests a Football-Shaped Cork Coaster as a great reminder of your business or event.Reusable Plastic Party Cup - 16 oz.
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!Wearable team spiritStock the pro shop or school store with team gear—it’s the first place die-hard fans will stop! The Double Layer Fleece Beanie is warm and sure to fit almost everyone, making it a hit with customers. Imprint Poly Mesh Jersey V-Neck T-Shirts with the MVP names so their supporters can show their solidarity. Create a unified team look with Performance Fleece Colorblock Hoodies that match team uniforms. The Championship Jacket looks like a school letterman jacket, making it perfect for showing loyalty to their alma mater.Vintage Stripe Cuff Beanie with Removable Pom
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Train like athletes

Keep your own team primed like the pros with custom-printed wellness incentives. Hand out the Champion’s Jump Rope for cardiovascular conditioning and the Brookstone® Get Fit Gym Kit for strength training. Both pieces of equipment offer effective training for at home use or on the go since they pack easily. The Yoga Block is a great cool down and muscle stretching tool for after workout sessions. And staff can track their own progress with the Get Fit Health Tracker. It syncs with their phone via Bluetooth® and monitors calories burned, activity duration, steps taken, distance covered and sleep quality.

Hand Grip Fitness Bottle - 10 oz.
4 Idea Friday4 Idea Friday

4 Idea Friday


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