4imprint, LLC

Posted: June 04, 2021

Promotional banners, signs and flags serve many purposes, but without them, your customers and potential customers have trouble determining whether you are open. How many times have you driven by a dark restaurant or store, wondering if they were ready for business? That’s been true even more lately, as businesses begin to open either partially or fully in many areas. These promotional banner can help share your message.

“Each has its own unique purpose and could be used to keep customers up to date on business hours, specials, let them know you’re open for business or just to grab their attention with great full color graphics,” said Stephanie, a banners and signs expert in 4imprint’s Merchandising Dept. Here’s a rundown of her top promotional banner ideas in four categories.


Retractable banners: Big messages in a small space

Printed retractable banners come in a large range of price points and sizes and are easily moved and transported, Stephanie said. Some items have graphics that can be easily replaced for seasonal sales or updates. Best of all, “they don’t need a lot of footprint space to display your message,” she said. You’ll also find smaller versions for tight spaces or tabletop use. Our best-selling Economy Retractor Banner Display is custom printed in full color for an 83-by-32-inch vinyl display that sets up easily and wipes clean with a damp cloth! The Change Agent Retractable Banner adds a dry-erase section to your full-color imprint for customization, menus, greetings or whatever you want to add whenever you need it.

Vinyl banners for signage on a budget

Vinyl banners with your business logo and message come in a large variety of sizes and price points, Stephanie said. There are indoor and outdoor options, too. Branded vinyl banners also are very versatile in product display locations. Choose from 40 different sizes of Value Outdoor Banner (from a 2-by-5 footer to a 5-by-12 footer), while the Value Indoor Banner comes in the same number of sizes to fit your needs.

Sail signs harness the wind to catch their eye

Clever logo printed sail signs and feather flags shake in the breeze to pull customers’ attention from a distance when placed outdoors, but they also can be used indoors! In fact, there are both indoor and outdoor versions of our Value Sail Signs, in sizes from 6-1/2 to 13 feet tall! They also can be ordered with full-color, dye-sub printing on one or both sides to fit your needs. Stephanie said they are very portable, lightweight and their graphics can be replaced. For other sail shapes, check out the series of Blade Sail Signs, the series of Value Razor Sail Signs and the series of Outdoor Stadium Flutter Sail Signs, all in many sizes.

Classic sidewalk displays are eye-level effective at a down-to-earth price

Bring your message down to eye level at your brick-and-mortar store or service center with traditional sidewalk displays. The visibility is excellent, the prices are great and you have many options to choose, Stephanie noted. These choices also offer easy-to-change graphics. You’ve seen the classic Sidewalk Messenger everywhere you go, and now you can put it to work for you, too! These set up in seconds and can be ordered with a one-sided or two-sided graphics panel in full color! Inexpensive replacement graphics can be ordered to slide easily into the frame for seasonal events, specials or whatever you need! For a fresh, upscale look, try the Eurofit Swivel Sign, which comes in rectangular or round shapes. The plastic base holds it in place and it can be swiveled to face any direction. Your full-color imprint is printed on both sides for maximum exposure too.

Whether you want to share your business hours or special deals or create brand awareness, these pare sure to send your customers and prospects in the right direction.