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Posted: April 07, 2017 | Updated: March 10, 2021

Show customers, clients and employees that life is about enjoying the little things with promotional products that encourage them to have fun. From indoor activities to outdoor games, we have everything you need to keep your brand fresh in their minds while they unwind. Our toys and novelties merchandiser, Rebecca, has some ideas to get customers excited about your brand. Find the perfect way to keep them laughing and playing while marketing your brand, whether they’re at the office, home for the weekend or enjoying a beautiful day outside.


Having Fun Outdoors

Warmer weather means it’s time to head outdoors for company picnics, pool parties and sporting events. Encourage clients of all ages to put down their phones and get outside—but make sure your brand stays top of mind. Spark some creativity: children will enjoy using sidewalk chalk to create a masterpiece. They’ll also love running around and blowing bubbles with the XL Bubble Wand. If you’re looking for summer classics, Beach Balls and Sport Flyers make great party favors that can help energize your next outdoor event.

Boxes of Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk.

Rainy Day Fun

Weather is unpredictable, but don’t let the forecast ruin your fun. Rainy days call for fun games and activities for all ages. The 7 in 1 Traditional Game Set features seven different games that can keep anyone entertained for hours. Soothe away their stress with adult coloring books. Keep younger customers entertained and informed with the educational themes in the kid’s coloring books. And don’t forget to stock up on coloring supplies! Along with coloring, you can also encourage them to use their imaginations while they create characters and costumes with Paper Masks and Hats.Traveler Cards & Dice with a green pouch.

Make Work More Fun

Playtime isn’t just for kids. Make sure you incorporate some fun at work. Little games and quick laughs are essential for maintaining a relaxed environment and keeping up workplace morale. Launch the Flying Shrieking Monkey in the office to get some laughs or bring tee time to the office with the Golf Globe Game. Encourage coworkers to relax on break with a quick game using custom Playing Cards. Help them manage stress at their desks by providing stress relievers so they can squeeze away tension.A Mini Memory Game.

Fundraising Fun

Raising awareness for a great cause and keeping donors amused is easy—fundraising even has “fun” in the name! We have products to match any fundraising occasion. Help raise money for a sports team by letting fans enjoy the cool look of Custom Temporary Tattoos that boast the team’s logo. Rubber Duck races and prize games are sure to bring smiles to any carnival-inspired fundraiser. The eye-catching LED Noodle Headbands take your run/walk to the next level and are perfect for day or nighttime events. And keep your company and charitable giving on their minds with personalized banks.

A pack of Value Playing Cards with in a Case.