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Posted: November 12, 2021 4 min read

Drawing attention to a cause is key for nonprofits. Getting your message out can inspire donations, help recruit volunteers and, ultimately, provide aid to those in need. With limited resources, letting others know what you’re about can be difficult. Logoed promotional gifts can help. Unlike traditional advertising, imprinted t-shirts, mugs, caps and other forms of swag will be used—and seen—for years to come. Plus, the initial cost for these giveaways is often lower than traditional ads, and the return on investment is better.

River Valley Riders, a nonprofit group that uses horseback and carriage riding as therapy for disabled students in the USA, recently began using branded promo gifts to draw attention to its mission. It also used the gifts as a thank-you to volunteers. Their experience helps highlight the many ways promotional gifts can work for your organization.


Apparel to grab attention

A simple T-shirt becomes a walking billboard when you add your logo, message or any other design you want. Kathy Jo Hanson, CFO and Development Director of River Valley Riders said branded shirts worn by staff and volunteers make it easy to get their name in front of the public. When someone wears a River Valley Riders shirt, they are usually approached by curious members of the public who want to know more about the organization. “We’ve done better this year than we have in the past, and we think that (branded promotional gifts) is a part of it,” she said.

T-shirts are ideal for events because they make staff and volunteers easily identifiable. If you’re celebrating a milestone, consider raising the bar by giving out a polo shirt, jacket or vest.


Gifts to thank volunteers

Volunteers in any nonprofit organization are donating their time and talents, so showing your appreciation can help encourage them to stick around. Pair a logoed mug with a heartfelt note of thanks to leave a lasting impression.

Roughly 200 volunteers donate about 9,500 hours each year to help mentally and physically challenged people enjoy horseback and carriage rides as part of River Valley Rides. The organization has purchased imprinted shopping bags in the past, and they were a hit with volunteers. Promotional items serve as a long-lasting memento of their service—and your appreciation.


Promos to use during the off season

Many nonprofits are more active during certain parts of the year. But the off season can be a great time to promote your message, roll out a new look or do smaller activities to keep attention on your brand. If your organization operates during the warmer months, like River Valley Riders, consider promotional gifts people will use during the colder times of the year. Consider insulated tumblers, blankets and ice scrapers that will keep you top of mind even during your slower times.


Swag to help raise funds

Adding promotional products to your fundraising can elevate an event and bring in much-needed revenue. River Valley riders recently started using promo incentives, which have given their fundraising a boost. Donors receive a gift on a tiered scale, based on how much they give. A pen or lunch cooler for smaller donations, and a duffel or tech accessory (think wireless earbuds and power banks) for larger donations. Personalize the gifts to your organization. For example, an organization that provides food to low-income residents could offer cutting boards or a grill set.


Make a lasting impression with branded promo gifts

Whether you’re trying to get your name in front of the public or you’re looking to boost your fundraising efforts, logoed promotional gifts can help any organization achieve their goals.