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Posted: November 04, 2016 | Updated: September 30, 2020

Promotional flashlights offer a sense of fun and mystery because they’re associated with outdoor adventures, late-night ghost stories and investigations. Flashlights can also provide feelings of relief and safety in emergencies or unexpected situations. With all the emotional connections, you can bet that your customers will appreciate getting a flashlight. Here are some of the newest developments and the timeless elements that make flashlights a smart promotional choice.



COB Flashlights

New LED light technology called Chips on Board (COB) offers multiple LED lights packaged together to create a more powerful light with less glare. Check out the brand-new technology in the Magnetic Super Bright Flashlight and the Maverick Super Bright Magnetic Flashlight (139115), which is particularly useful in workshops. The Summit Super Bright Carabiner Flashlight (138785) can handle any outdoor excursion. These flashlights are our very first products to feature the new COB technology.


Multifunction Lighting

With multifunction flashlights, you can double the value of your promotion. Guests can both see and open their tailgate drinks with the Dual Bottle Opener Key Light. People who love technology will probably find themselves reaching for the Elliptical Stylus Key Light more than they ever expected. The Phone Stand Key Light gets technical with a built-in flashlight and phone stand. Help promote safety with the Blast Whistle LED Key Light, which has a light and a whistle so customers can be seen and heard.


Tool Lights

Help them get the job done right with a flashlight that’s part of a multi-tool. The palm-sized Travel Tool Kit with Level is perfect to tuck away in a camper or car for quick fixes. The Handy Screwdriver Pen with Flashlight is like MacGuyver in a barrel—screwdrivers are stored  inside the pen, ready to save the day. Take on extra projects with the Penta 6 in 1 Screwdriver Flashlight or the Color Top Screwdriver Key Light.


Trusty Types

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the classic standbys. Everyone loves the trusty MagLite®, so the Mini MagLight Flashlight will be wildly popular with your audience. And the Super Bright Flashlight is perfect for power outages. The Pocket LED Flashlight and Mars Flashlight can be taken anywhere with their tiny—yet powerful—designs.

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