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Posted: September 24, 2021 | Updated: September 27, 2021 4 min read

Receiving gifts makes people feel loved and appreciated. It shows them you care and are thinking about them. Giving gifts also brings warm feelings to our hearts. Studies show generosity provides satisfaction and lasting happiness. To help you easily share those warm, joyful feelings this season, we offer holiday giveaway ideas.


Tasty treats

Savory snacks and sweet treats. Food is a wonderful part of celebrating the season. And recipients are sure to gobble up and appreciate your gift when it is a tasty treat. Plus, with so many options available, there’s sure to be something for everyone. For higher-end clients, a turkey or ham along with a large wood cutting board imprinted with your brand makes a great corporate holiday gift. Clients are sure to enjoy this savoury treat as part of their holiday spread.


A marble cheese board set  with summer sausage, cheese and crackers is another mouthwatering gift for your best customers. And you can’t go wrong with a Premium Treat Box. Filled with your choice of a variety nuts, chocolate-covered raisins, truffles and more, new clients are sure to be impressed. For smaller clients, a tin of cookies is a thoughtful gift. It’s sure to give them a sweet impression of your brand while expressing your gratitude.


Gifts for the entire family

Show clients or employees you’re thinking of their entire crew with family-friendly gifts. A flashing candy cane bracelet is a fun and playful holiday giveaway to send home for kids (or kids at heart). And a unique snowflake photo ornament is a beautiful decoration the entire family can enjoy.


Does your office have a waiting room? Stock it with festive holiday colouring books to entertain your future customers, or hand them out as a giveaway to take home. You’ll surprise and delight customers when you include several single-serve hot cocoa pouches in their next order.


A personal gift

A thoughtful corporate holiday gift is always nice. Especially when it’s tailored to the recipient’s personal likes and hobbies. Do you have a loyal client who loves music? Surprise them with a gift card to their favourite streaming service and a wireless speaker. For your podcast or audio book enthusiasts, give them some free downloads along with a pair of wireless headphones.


Sports fans will love the gift of attending their favourite game. Tuck tickets to a sporting event inside a comfy branded stadium cushion. Or send them a gift card for their favourite pay-per view event. Score big when you include a set of pint glasses and the recipient’s favourite beverage.


A fun celebration

If your team feels comfortable, holidays are the perfect reason to host a gathering. Start the night off right with a holiday-themed game. A candy cane “relay race” is a fun icebreaker. Divide attendees into teams and ask both teams to form a spaced-out line. Each participant grabs a candy cane, passes it to the end of the line, and hooks their candy cane to the one on their left. The catch? They can only use one hand. Whoever has the longest chain that doesn’t break is the winner.

Prizes can include a Chevron Scarf with Zippered Pocket. Or a box filled with individually wrapped peppermint bark. For party favour gifts, peppermint lip moisturizer and a festive drink tumbler are perfect choices. These fun holiday giveaways will remind people of your brand—and what a great time they had.


Bright and cheery gifts

With memorable holiday giveaways—from delicious snacks to family-friendly gifts—you’ll easily imprint your brand on people’s hearts. And this holiday season, you’ll be the first business they think of for their needs.