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Posted: March 26, 2021 | Updated: April 07, 2021 4 min read

Healthy work habits drive success. They increase job satisfaction and create stronger relationships among your team members. Good work habits can also improve your bottom line. Help get everyone on the same page with these tips and some employee giveaway ideas.


Start the day off right

Getting going in the morning is tough but having a routine can help. If your employees dislike getting up to an alarm clock, encourage them to use their phone to play music or nature sounds instead. A charging pad and phone stand will keep their phone close. Having a plan for the day helps reduce feelings of uncertainty. Give each team member a weekly planner with a pen so they can easily keep track of their schedule. A hot drink in an on-trend mug will give them a boost as they start their day.

Keep them engaged

Your employees are the best source of ideas about how to make the company run more efficiently. Encourage employees to share by offering a sweet treat. Set out a candy jar and place a pen and some fun-shaped sticky notes nearby. Every time an employee writes down an idea, they get to take a piece of candy. Take it a step further by offering a monthly prize, like a combination speaker vacuum tumbler, to the person who came up with the best idea. “Best” can mean different things. Maybe one month it’s the best idea to boost productivity. Another month it could be the most creative idea. Change things up to keep employees engaged.


Celebrate positivity

Positivity and a willingness to tackle hard tasks are key to a successful business. Positive feedback goes a long way, so make a point to speak out whenever you notice someone going above and beyond. Or write a note on an adhesive notepad. For those who always have a positive outlook, give a smiley-face stress reliever or a fun pen. They also serve as a reminder to others to look on the bright side.

Encourage employees to take on challenges and work outside their comfort zone by reminding them that even failure can be positive. After all, every time they take on a new skill or project, they’re learning something.


Give tokens of thanks

Feeling appreciated goes a long way in terms of moral. And that means recognizing all of your employees. Thank employees for doing good work, even when it’s expected of them. It could be as simple as saying, “You handled that difficult customer very professionally” or “Thank you for responding to that inquiry so fast.” Hand out some tasty popcorn tins to enjoy over the weekend.

Put employees who go the extra mile into a prize draw. Don’t forget those who are working from home! An impressive knife set  or a tool set will help them feel good about the work they do.


Form solid workplace habits

By helping your staff stay organized, encouraging them to have a positive attitude and keeping them engaged in their daily activities, your