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Posted: December 01, 2017 | Updated: January 05, 2021

It’s that time of year again—time for colds, flu and holiday stress. Wellness products can make life easier for your customers, prospects and employees. We checked in this month with Rebecca, our wellness products merchandising guru, for some ideas on wintertime promotional products that can ease holiday stress while fighting cold and flu germs.


The go-to germ fighter: Hand sanitizers

“Every year, flu season starts in October or November and runs through the winter months,” Rebecca explained. “While handwashing is still the best way to protect yourself from getting sick, hand sanitizers are an effective alternative when soap and water are not available.”  The CDC recommends using an alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. “We offer lots of options, to fit a variety of budgets, so you can prepare your customers and employees.” They all will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you just might reduce the employee absenteeism rate, too.

The Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner goes anywhere, thanks to the convenient clip, and offers 1.9 ounces of gel sanitizer. Another convenient way to kill germs is with the Instant Hand Sanitizer Pocket Pack. It contains two single-u8435se packets and has a large imprint area, making it a useful tradeshow handout. The Sanitizer Spray comes in a variety of scents and is travel-ready. Prevent excess drying of their hands with the Lean and Clean Beaded Hand Sanitizer, which features moisturizing Vitamin E beads!


Fight chapped lips and make new friends with lip balm

We notice chapped lips more often in winter, but it’s a year-round problem. Lip balms and moisturizers offer a handy, imprinted giveaway that’s affordable and practical. “Our top seller is our Value Lip Balm —offered in 30 different flavors with SPF15 protection,” Rebecca said. “This same lip balm is also offered in tubs of 50 and 100  that are convenient for tradeshow displays or office countertops.  Put a fun spin on your giveaway with the Cube Lip Moisturizer or eos Lip BalmNatural Lip Fusion is made with natural beeswax and organic ingredients, great for any green event or environmentally conscious customer.”


Personal care pampering to fight stress

 Holiday shopping, mailing cards, cooking and visiting relatives can all lead to stress. Rebecca recommends some essential oils that make the perfect “self-care” gift, including the Zen Essential Oil and Zen Essential Oil Mini Bottle. Both are offered in six aromas, including “Tranquility” to “Invigorate”. These are dropper bottles and can be used with a diffuser, added to bath water or used for massage. You can also give the same scents in a convenient roller bottle with the Zen Essential Oil Roller Bottle. More pampering options include Zen Bath Soap, Zen Bath Salt Pouch and Body Butter .Try the Wonder Beads Eye Mask, which offers them warm or cold therapy and aromatherapy.  Finally, hand out the Star Shaped Massager so they can knead away built-up workday or holiday tension. They’ll remember who gave them the great gift!


Printed first-aid items make great holiday and year-round gifts

“Create an opportunity to offer a helping hand with an item from our first-aid collection. Bandage dispensers are a low-cost way of showing your support,” Rebecca said. “Our Bandage Dispenser is a handy item that is perfect for their desk, car or medicine cabinet, and is available in a variety of options. Offer a selection of first-aid items in an attractive zippered pouch (17 choices) with our Fashion First Aid Kit or a small plastic case with our Compact First Aid Kit. Our Round Aqua Pearls Pack can be used as a cold compress or be put in the microwave for heat therapy. Also, see the Plush Round Hot/Cold Pack), which has a soft plush backing and elastic band to help hold it in place. Nine color options on both versions, too!”