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Posted: December 11, 2015 | Updated: September 30, 2020

4imprint 4idea Friday


4imprint 4idea Friday

4 Ideas Friday: Everyday stress reliefToday’s modern professionals are no strangers to stress. Impending deadlines, high-profile meetings, frequent travel and daunting presentations can wreak havoc on your employees’ wellness and productivity if left unchecked. But there are some simple ways that you can help them relax and de-stress in their everyday lives. Here are some personalized ways that you can tend to your staff’s well-being:


4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!Music therapyBy far one of the most effective stress relievers, music has a natural power to relax the mind and muscles. Nurture a calm environment by providing your customers with soothing tunes. Play their favorite laid-back music on the Vero Bluetooth® Speaker or the Sound Byte Amplifier. When it’s time to listen quietly, personal headphones, such as the deluxe High Sierra® Noise Cancellation Headphones or the Taffy Microphone Flat Wire Ear Buds, comfortably connect them to their favorite feel-good tunes.Bluetooth Speaker Media Stand
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Spa amenities

Spoil your business partners once in a while with spa-inspired gifts. You can transform your business environment and your clients’ moods with essential oils, and we offer Zen Essential Oils in a variety of aromas to cultivate that sense of relaxation. Eucalyptus and spearmint create a soothing, uplifting effect in the Invigorate Lotion. Place some leaflets, such as the Managing Stress Key Points, in your waiting room to explain how to create a calm environment. Offer your valued guests star treatment with Plush Shawl Collar Robes.

Eye Mask
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!

Leisure activities

Hobbies and projects customers enjoy take them far away from their stress and create a sense of release. These activities help your employees feel refreshed, so they can refocus on their work with renewed vigor. The Sudoku Puzzle Booklet can help keep their mind fresh and sharp. Or, give their overworked minds a break with the Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book. If playing in nature is their favorite source of relaxation, the Fishing Bag helps protect their fishing gear during a rejuvenating mini vacation. The V-Neck Bib Apron with Two Pockets is perfect if cooking is what helps them unwind.

Rubik's Cube
4 Idea Friday - 4 ways they'll find your number!


A prolific amount of research has been done to show that exercise is extremely effective for decompressing. Help get your clients into a regular practice with an Exercise Mat that works for a variety of workouts. The Get Fit Health Tracker encourages more daily movement every day by tracking calories burned, activity duration, steps taken, distance walked and sleep quality. Taking exercise outside provides a healthy release, and the Max Performance Smartphone Armband supports hitting the pavement. One of the most effective stress-relieving activities is yoga, and the Yoga Block encourages your employees to practice regularly.

Exercise/Stability Ball - 25"
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