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Posted: October 23, 2020 4 min read

From the food service industry to the corporate business world, many companies can benefit from team uniforms. No matter which industry you’re in, branded apparel not only makes your staff look more professional, it can also create brand awareness and foster a more productive workplace. We’re sharing some employee uniform ideas that can help your organization stand out.


It may seem too good to be true that T-shirts or polos can drive positive change, but branded uniforms can be powerful tools.


Make a solid first impression

A whopping 75% of customers prefer it when service employees wear uniforms. Uniforms not only come across as professional, but they also help staff look knowledgeable and approachable. Sharp-looking customized polos help customers recognize your staff in an instant, whether they are out in the field or in your workplace.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, your staff likely dresses to impress. Roll out the red carpet for customers by outfitting employees in a classy suit coat—and a matching tie if you really want to level up.


Boost team confidence, spirit and pride

When it comes to team morale, small details matter. Providing employees with a company uniform is like providing them with a tool needed to get their job done. A uniform that’s appropriate for their line of work will help staff perform tasks with more confidence. In an office setting, clean-cut company clothing helps staff feel professional whether they’re there in person or working from home. Looking for a timeless employee uniform idea? Branded button downs are a winning choice. If your staff is on the go or in the field, polo shirts will help keep them comfortable and feeling confident while on the road.

Aside from boosting confidence, branded uniforms can promote a productive workplace. Team uniforms can help establish a work attitude. When the uniform is on, it’s go time. Plus, these uniforms can help reduce stress by taking the guesswork out of choosing what they’re going to wear to work each day.


An easy form of extra security

Team uniforms can help create an extra layer of security in many ways. Whether you’re in a retail or office setting, something as simple as matching jackets can help identify employees so you know who belongs where. It can also confirm for customers that they can trust the person who is helping them.

If your team is out on a construction or job site, it’s important for them to wear high-visibility gear. As the weather gets colder, make sure they don’t sacrifice safety for warmth by providing high-visibility jackets too. It shows you care, but also ensures that everyone is outfitted with the right gear for the job.


Help establish company identity

Employees in corporate uniforms can help build brand awareness. It takes an average of five to seven impressions for someone to remember a brand. Employee uniforms can help make those impressions.

Well-designed branded uniforms are a powerful advertising tool. Make sure to choose the right gear for the job. For instance, branded scrubs are great for the medical or veterinary field and food service. And branded winter hats are a top choice for anyone working outdoors. As long as the company’s logo is visible, recognition and awareness will grow.

Get your team on board by brainstorming employee uniform ideasAsk for their feedback so you can get a clear understanding of what they like to wear. Make sure the uniforms are comfortable and made from quality materials. Your associates will appreciate your thoughtfulness.