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Posted: November 25, 2016 | Updated: September 30, 2020

template-1-image-1-4Make them useful.
Good things come in small packages—especially your packages! Follow up a sales visit with a small envelope containing a business card magnet or logo Post-it® Notes with your logo, along with a note of thanks, special offer and follow-up instructions. The magnet or notepad will serve as a continual reminder of your pending offer. Some other handy items you might consider slipping inside include the Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet, Mini Credit Card Ice Scraper or the classic Zippy Letter Opener. Clients will be reminded of your business each time they use your promotional product.


template-1-image-2-3Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?
Get them to open the package by piquing their curiosity. Put something lumpy, squishy or that raddles inside. The surprise of receiving something (even something small) is a fun way to get their attention. How can they resist opening the package? The Frilly Flyer is sure to stump them. They won’t know what they are feeling in the package. Slim Mints will not only make a slight rattling noise when the package is shaken, but they also come in fun shapes and are nice and flat. The MopTopper Stylus Pen is a super cute way to give your package a few lumps and leave behind a few smiles. Now that they’ve opened your mailing, they will be sure to see your included marketing material. The Tri-Fold Brochureor a Sales Flyer will offer plenty of space for your message.


copy-of-template-1-image-3-3Make it special.   
If you are mailing out a customer order, tuck a foldable tote with your logo inside the package. This unexpected bonus will delight anyone, and your customers will use the bag and tell their friends about the free surprise. Depending on what is ordered, consider packing their items inside a gift box or with tissue paper before mailing the package. The extra touch and care you give your packages will be what makes you stand out against the competition.


copy-of-template-1-image-4-5Calendars for 24/7/365 staying power.
It’s the classic promoter, proven effective over the decades. Chances are good you have one within sight right now. But there are many forms of calendars, and plenty are small and easy to mail. Try a stick-on calendar which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some attach to their computer, desktop or filing cabinet. Others, like the Business Card Calendar are as small as a business card, and fit in a wallet or purse for an ever-present business ad. Everyone wants and uses calendars, so your offering is appreciated and proudly displayed. That calendar will likely be seen by passersby, too. Your message gets daily exposure for pennies a day!

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