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Posted: April 09, 2021 | Updated: April 19, 2021 5 min read

Telling a story. Making memories. Saying thanks. There are many reasons to offer a promotional item. And with thousands of products to pick from, how do you choose the best giveaway? We went right to the experts—our customers! Their success stories are sure to inspire you. You’ll find the perfect promo in no time!

Awesome apparel

Shirts, hats, jackets and other forms of apparel offer warmth and comfort to customers and employees, as well as exposure for your brand. It’s no surprise that these customers consider them to be top promo items.

  • “We’re a seasonal camp catering to hunting and fishing. Last season, several guests expressed [an] interest in a lightweight jacket. I spotted the Crossland® Soft Shell Jacket in a sale catalog out of my Blue Box® and instantly fell in love with the ladies in very berry and decided to give them a try. I order both men’s and ladies’ jackets in several different colours and WOW. I love love love this jacket: its perfect fit, saturated colours beautiful job on our logo embroidery. They are huge sellers, when people come in and they see the jacket on our mannequin, it’s like a magnet they’re just instantly drawn towards it. With that said, we have once again completely sold out of the very berry and will be placing our third order today. I even have husbands up on their annual fishing trip buying them for their wives (guilt gifts we call them). Once the jacket draws them in, they always end up finding other things to buy as well. Just can’t say enough about this amazing jacket.” – Linda from Horseshoe Island Camp
  • “We are trying to promote our Slo-pitch League as well as reward our people with gifts [like this sweatshirt] for joining our family.” – Linda from WAMSL Inc.
  • “Used for uniform shirts.” – Shelly from Shelly Mom’s Kitchen
  • “We gave the [beanies] to our employees. They were very grateful.” – Dorothy from E D Industrial Ltd

Divine drinkware

Whether you’re looking for the perfect mug for hot cocoa or giving away a tumbler that will keep your customers’ drinks cold all day long, drinkware is versatile and stylish.

  • “These mugs are part of a thank-you gift when I sell my clients a home. They have been very well received. Everyone has commented on how much they love them.” – Kyle from Slap Sold On it
  • “We wanted to cut down on single use plastic and give our Davin Lake Lodge guests a free takeaway [mug] if they wanted.” – Danica from Davin Lake Lodge
  • “We like to use ad specialty items [like this insulated cup] in the gift baskets we put together to donate to fundraisers, stag & does, etc. 4imprint enables us to look smart, professional and very generous with our donations. We recommend 4imprint at every opportunity. – Mark from Mark Guilbeault & Associates Ltd.
  • “I wanted to have gift packs, and options [like this mug], for holiday gifts.” – Christine from Wood Buffalo Coffee Co.

Beautiful bags

Give your customers or employees a bag and you’ll soon see it everywhere—at work, at home, at the gym, at the store and more. That’s what makes it the best giveaway for these customers.

  • “We used the duffels as a memento for four high school basketball teams. The bags distributed to players from each team by their coaches. With the pandemic this year, our typical awards night was canceled, but this made a great way for the basketball athletes to feel pride and achievement for their season. I know I saw lots of smiles when I distributed to my team.” – Frances from Scott Fun & Games
  • “We provide a full tote of product to all of our clients—full of useful items that they require or will use daily.” – John from Royal LePage Benchmark
  • “My wife sells merchandise and [gives away] the bags when a certain amount is spent.” – Lee from Trego Hair
  • “With the pandemic happening, I wanted to give all of my kids a free bag with one of our studio t-shirts!” – Denise from Danceology

Memory makers

When these customers talk about their top promo items, they often mention “memorable” and “goals.” Knowing what story they want to tell or where they want to make connections makes it easier for them to select the perfect item that will be remembered for a long time to come.

  • “[This charging cable is a] great retention item that people will have at their fingertips and use to remember you.” – John from Royal LePage Benchmark
  • “I wanted to express a thank you to my clients with a token of gratitude for their business. At the same time I wanted to promote the local golf courses, so by gifting a golf ball and tee pack I believe I did just that.” – Wyatt from Gagne Grain Cleaning
  • “At the Canadian Association for Play Therapy these pens really capture what we are all about. Play therapy helps families cope with all the mental health challenges in the world today. There is so much out there, anything we can do to help is what we are here for.” – Kip from Canadian Association for Play Therapy
  • “[Wallets were given] to new students as a way to promote the library and also be a useful item. Most students have a phone and their student ID is needed throughout the university.” – Carla from CBU Library

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