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Posted: July 08, 2016 | Updated: September 30, 2020


4 Ideas Friday: Customers share a wealth of promotional product knowledge.

By sharing their successes, our customers offer tips for recognizing teams, increasing sales, boosting awareness and so much more. You can become part of the conversation by telling us how promotional products have worked for you. Maybe your idea will be featured in a future edition!

4 Idea Friday - It's raining; it's pouring-your logo is soaring!

Celebrate your team.

Alicia from San Angelo found an unexpected use for the Beach Towel when the weather turned wet: “We were holding a thank-you reception at our lake house and used the towels and some sunglasses as an appreciation gift. It rained the day of the event, so the joke became ‘you can use the towel to dry off when you get home.’ Everyone got a good laugh out of it and the towels were a huge success for reasons we did not predict!”


Anonymous offered this classic thought: “Since June of last year, we added new members to the team. We wanted to get the same shirts for everyone to promote team spirit. Everyone loved the shirts and it really brought us together as a team.”
(Nike® Dri-Fit® Mesh Panel Polo)

 Beach Towel



Nike® Dri-Fit® Mesh Panel Polo


4 Idea Friday - It's raining; it's pouring-your logo is soaring!

Generate Buzz

Misty from Fort Walton Beach found the Pacific Aluminum Sport Bottle to be a popular prize. “We used the Pacific Aluminum Sport Bottles as ‘trophies’ for the top three runners in each age group for our Run for the Health of It 5K and 8K Walk/Run, and they were a huge hit! The quality is excellent and the additional carabiner clip is an added bonus. Runners were ecstatic over them and even fought over the remaining bottles. We had to expedite the order to ensure we’d get them in time, but in typical 4imprint fashion, they showed up even sooner than expected. Happy customer is an understatement!”

Jerry from Shadaken used Hanes® Tagless® T-Shirts to enhance a fundraiser: “The Phoenicia Rotary Club sponsors an annual Duck Race as their primary fundraiser. We race approximately 1,000 numbered rubber duckies down the creek, which runs through the village. The ducks are purchased for $10 each by the town residents and vacationing visitors. Last year, the ticket sellers started offering the ticket buyers a colorful imprinted Ducky Shirt for $12 each. Shirt sales were successful enough to extend shirt sales into 2016. This year, we added a large Rotary International symbol to the back of the reordered/replacement shirts. The colorful shirts are becoming very popular around town.”

Lindsay from Hopwell Junction ordered the Exodus Sport Duffel with Cooler for her event: “We host a charity volleyball tournament twice a year and we will use the sports bags for our 1st place prizes.  We will definitely be a repeat customer when it is time to order more 1st and 2nd place prizes!”

Karen from Woodenville used multiple items for a successful trade show: “We introduced our new Mobile App at our largest tradeshow of the year using a 4imprint Selfie Stick. People loved them and it reinforced our message.”
(Fold Down Selfie StickClosed-Back Table ThrowButler TrayTouch of Linen Beverage Napkin)


Pacific Aluminum Sport Bottle - 26 oz.





Hanes® Tagless® T-Shirts Exodus Sport Duffel with Cooler





Fold Down Selfie StickExodus Sport Duffel with Cooler

Butler TrayTouch of Linen Beverage Napkin

4 Idea Friday - It's raining; it's pouring-your logo is soaring!!

Make life easier.


Kim from Hot Springs put her giveaways in one branded bag: “We wanted to pre-pack our T-shirts and giveaway items for a more efficient registration process for our 5K. The bag we ordered is the perfect size for small giveaways like gift cards, pins, rubber band bracelets, and a T-shirt!”
(Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag – 12″ x 9″ – White)

Nate from Morrison got rave reviews on this item: “We ordered the Tech Capsule Dual Cleaner Clip as a part of the giveaway package for our local regional meetings. With so many screens in today’s world, we thought this would be a great, small piece to keep our brand in the forefront—and it’s done just that! We’ve gotten great feedback and are even about to order some more for another event we’re participating in.”
(Tech Capsule Dual Cleaner Clip)

Molly from De Pere brought it all together for her clients: “As a travel company we hand out a lot of paper work (travel documents). We like to get our name out, but also to thank our clients for choosing us over the other travel agencies in the area. So we offer just a little something—document holder, bottled water, koozies and pens—to show our customers we appreciate them!”
(Vertical Document Portfolio;
Economy Pocket Coolie)

Alex from San Francisco used a tech gift to stay top of mind: “These items are great to take with you to either meetings or to networking events. They are small and light so you can put a few in your pocket and hand them over at the end of a conversation. Chargers—especially ones with 3 adaptors like these—are items everyone has a use for and you generally want one in the car, one at home, one at work … so as soon as you give it to someone they’ve thought of a use for it. They might not see what’s printed on it every time they use it but over time they’ll see it often enough to remind them of what your company does. Then you’re top of mind when they decide the time is right to use your service or change from their current provider.”
(Trio Charging Cable)


Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag - 12" x 9" - WhiteTech Capsule Dual Cleaner Clip

Vertical Document PortfolioEconomy Pocket Coolie

4 Idea Friday - It's raining; it's pouring-your logo is soaring!

Grow your brand.


Kevin from Voorhees put the Minolo Ceramic Mug to good use: “As soon as we received our shipment of new mugs from 4imprint, we offered a special deal to our customers, which included a mug and a bag of our amazing locally roasted coffee at a nice discount. We’re also using our mugs as a local Kickstarter perk for our kitchen fundraiser we’re currently running. The mugs are really great quality and people love them!”

Jennifer from Rockford used keyrings for promoting her radio station: “The perfect addition to our radio station— The Number One keychain works great with our station logo and name, 101—The One! The custom color options matched our logo and branding very well! We hand out the keychains at any event we attend.”

Heidi from Los Angeles put a variety of goodies to use: “We purchased 4 different promotional items: pens, bottle wrenches, removable bumper stickers, and circular stickers, and brought the items to SXSW to start bringing awareness to our brand.  We were very happy with the quality of the items, and received a lot of compliments on them, and then questions about our brand. We were very happy with the products and the results.”
(Bic® Grip Rollerball PenBeverage WrenchSticker by the Roll – CircleRemovable Euro Bumper Sticker)

Sarie from Indio came up with a unique use for flash drives: “We are a plumbing company and are using the flash drives to give our customers the videos we take of our/their sewer systems when they purchase that camera service. We’ve also preloaded our commercial video on to the drives. We will be proud to hand these out and the customers can erase and reuse them after they’ve loaded our videos on to their computers!”
(Swing USB Drive)

Alice from Northfield chose a classic tumbler: “I am the marketing and communications manager for Northfield Montessori, an adorable Montessori that serves kids 6 weeks to 6 years old. We set up a new free coffee bar in our conference room so parents could recharge after dropping off their kiddos. We wanted a way to promote and grow brand loyalty and pride, and an easy way to help pay for the coffee bar. The coffee mugs we ordered were a huge hit! We are already expecting to make another order!”
(Steel Tumbler with Color Trim – 16 oz.)

Carla from Lindsborg (KS) impressed visitors with the Riviera Ceramic Mug. “The Lindsborg business community decided that this mug would be a great way to raise additional funds for marketing and community projects. In a small community, every dollar counts! The mugs have been a favorite with guests and after an initial small order, we are purchasing more as visitors are enjoying taking home this bit of ‘Little Sweden.'”

 Minolo Ceramic Mug

Number One Soft Key Tag

Beverage WrenchBic® Grip Rollerball

Sticker by the Roll – CircleRemovable Euro Bumper Sticker

Swing USB Drive

Steel Tumbler with Color Trim - 16 oz.Riviera Ceramic Mug - 10 oz.

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