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Posted: January 30, 2020 | Updated: January 02, 2021 4 min read

When customers are choosing between your products and services and those of the competition, being known to provide good service can make all the difference. In fact, 3 in 4 consumers say that friendly customer service makes them “fall in love” with and remain loyal to a brand. As with most things worth doing, practice makes perfect. These four tips, plus employee giveaway ideas, will take your customer service from good to great.


Train your team

The best customer service reps can think on their feet and answer any question that may come along. Help staff with simple role-playing exercises. Break your team into groups of three (a customer, a service rep and an observer). Have the customer and rep act out real-life scenarios while the observer offers feedback. Provide each participant with a journal and pen, like the Cosine Notebook and Thumbs Up MopTopper Stylus Pen, for notetaking.

A lunch-n-learn is another great training tool to enhance product knowledge, build communication skills or provide conflict resolution training. Provide lunches in Koozie® Archie Lunch Koolers or Stackable Bento Lunch Sets. Send them off with these employee giveaways as a thank-you.


Empower your staff

When your service team is not empowered to make customers happy, company morale suffers, resolution times slow and customer satisfaction goes down. Give employees the freedom to resolve problems without supervisor involvement. Keep customers and your company’s values in mind. For instance, if your company puts customer satisfaction above all else, allow employees to offer free expedited shipping, issue a refund or send customers a gift to compensate for a poor experience. A Fresh Baked Cookie Box, along with a handwritten note, or a gift card tucked inside a Greeting Card with Gift Card Holder, can help turn a negative interaction into a positive one.

Remind employees daily that they’re valued and empowered to provide the best in customer service by imprinting your message on frequently used items like Memo Magnets and Scratch Pads.


Give credit when credit is due

The simple act of saying thank you can encourage positive behavior. In fact, 70% of employees say that a thank-you from management motivates them and improves their morale.

Call out customer service superstars. Did a staff member receive a positive customer review? Post the review along with the staff member’s name and picture in a high-traffic place like the lunchroom or lobby. Give the rep a certification of achievement, along with the copy of the review, in a Paper Certificate Holder. Leave staff members handwritten notes that praise their service skills along with a star-shaped Mighty Clip. For the team member who goes above and beyond to help others achieve their customer service goals, thank your lucky stars and them with a Lucky Stars Gift Tote.


Recognize milestones

It goes without saying that staying in touch with customers strengthens relationships. But truly good service involves reaching out for more than just a sales call. Recognize special dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries and milestones, to show customers you care. Stock your supply closet with greeting cards and gifts that service reps can send to their clients to recognize important occasions. A Rabbit Skins® Infant Fine Jersey Onesie makes a great gift for new parents. A Mug Cake Mix and Jax Coffee Mug says you remembered their birthday or anniversary. And Dog Cookies are a perfect way to celebrate a new pup.

You’ve hired super people. Help them do super things! These tips and employee giveaway ideas will inspire your customer service team to use their superpowers for good.