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Posted: November 16, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

It’s hard to overstate the value of the words “thank you.” One study showed that adding the words to an email subject line increased the chances of the email being opened by 14 percent. People like feeling appreciated, and showing customers you’re thankful for their business can lead to more sales and recommendations. Those who feel appreciated are more likely to return, and those returning customers spend 67 percent more than new clients.

Use these customer appreciation gift ideas to show your customers just how much they’re valued.

Say it in writing

Thanks to technological advances like automated email and text messaging, contacting and thanking customers is faster and easier than ever. In our world of instant connections, the handwritten thank-you note has been shown to have an incredible return on investment. It’s one of the best and most budget-conscious thank-you gifts for customers. For example, online form builder Wufoo® sends personalized thank-you cards to customers every week and has experienced a 50 percent improvement in their retention rate because of it.

Select some of your best customers and send them a handwritten, personalized note. The Thank You Burst Greeting Card  or the Multilingual Thank You Greeting Card are perfect for any occasion, with plenty of space for you to add a personal note.


Personalize a gift

The longer you work with a customer, the more to get to know them. Use that knowledge to select a personalized gift and you’ll show how invested you are in the relationship (and how much you appreciate their business). Does the customer have a new baby?  Send a Full Color Tahoe Microfleece Baby Blanket. If their household recently adopted a pet, try the Pet Accessory Bag. Consider their hobbies when choosing a gift to make a big impression. The Walking Enthusiast Kit makes a great gift for runners and hikers, for example.


Host a VIP gathering

If you want to show your clients how much you appreciate them, consider hosting a VIP event. There are several fun ways to accomplish this. Let customers shop after hours during a special sale with personalized customer service. Hold a pre-release gathering to show off a new product or service. Or host a VIPs-only party with music and mingling. Throw in thank-you gifts for customers to help them remember the night.

The Lightweight T-Shirt Style Tote is a great budget-friendly option. Fill it with treats, coupons or other goodies. For a higher end bag, choose the Elevate Slope 21″ Duffel. Or give everyone an Everest Jet Tumbler to carry drinks in and then take home at the end of the evening.


Appreciate their feedback

Is there a better way to show appreciation than to listen? If your customer points out something with your store, product or services that leads you to make positive changes, take the time to let them know. Send them a Nellie Light-Up Logo Power Bank, Convertible Phone Stand Wireless Charger or Energize Jr. Portable Power Bank with a handwritten note that says, “Your feedback powers our improvement.” This kind of acknowledgment lets them know you appreciate and value their input. Your customers will love knowing that you’re listening.


Gratitude shows great customer service

Simple notes, VIP treatment and customer appreciation gifts will show your clients you value them. And keep them coming back!