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Posted: August 03, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Promotional tools are a practical way to boost your cool factor. After all, a certain super-cool British secret agent is known for his incredible gadgets. While we can’t promise the latest in covert spy gear, we can help you create that wow factor when you hand out some of these fun tools.

Maybe your customers and prospects will hear the “Mission: Impossible” theme playing in their head when they open up a pocket tool or other imprinted gift—or maybe not. But one thing’s for sure: They’ll love the convenience of these handy marketing tools, and your brand will be remembered.

Our merchandising department’s tools guru, Michelle, shared some of her favorite gadgets with us, including several new ones.


Extend your reach with more than a handshake

Number one: 10-in-1 emergency tool

The traditional handshake is one of the most personal ways to seal the deal and complete the sale. But if you add a branded gift to the handshake…Bingo! Customers will see that and know how much you appreciate their business. Keep these small gifts behind the counter to hand out to your best customers or use as a thank-you gift for a sale. Advertising a “free gift with purchase” is an effective sales booster, according to a recent survey. Customers are much more likely to keep promotional items than they were years ago. When your customers’ regular tools are out of reach, these quick fixer-uppers will come in handy.


Recognize milestone achievements with useful tool kits

Number two: 23-piece tool set

Top sales team, 10-year employee anniversary gift, 20-gallon blood donor…You get the idea. These are just a few work or personal milestones that deserve recognition. Tool kits are a universal, one-size-fits-all promotional gift that homeowners, renters and hobbyists will love and use often for simple repairs and DIY projects. Elegant luxury gifts are nice, but practical gifts like these are appreciated long after the event has passed.


Become their problem solver with home-repair tools

Number three: repair tool set with carabiner

Wherever your customers live—house, apartment, condo, travel trailer or something else—the need for handy repair tools is universal. Flashlights, tape measures, knives and other basic tools are always welcome gifts, so imagine the smiles you’ll get when you hand out a multifunction promoter that combines two or more of their most-used tools. Help them tackle day-to-day projects with style and convenience, thanks to these handy giveaways.


Tackle roadside emergencies with car-related tools

Number four: flashlight emergency tool

At some point, most people will have to deal with a roadside emergency. Whether the emergency is caused by weather, wildlife or a mechanical breakdown, you can be a hero when you hand out printed emergency tools that could even save a life. From tire gauges to flashlights to window hammers and seatbelt cutters, your message will get plenty of mileage with car-related tools. Such imprinted gifts are a natural for vehicle-related businesses, such as car dealers, auto repair shops and auto-parts stores, but safety isn’t limited to any one particular industry. Promote safety at work with tools associates can keep in their car.