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Posted: September 20, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

In the United States, the average one-way commute time is just over 26 minutes. That may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly. For those who commute roundtrip, five days a week, that’s more than four hours a week and more than 200 hours each year!


All of that travel time can be stressful. Help clients and employees make the most of their time on the road with practical—and fun—travel promotional items. These useful gifts will help commuters arrive at work better prepared, while catching the eyes of those they meet along the way.


Something for carrying


From lunches to laptops, a good bag makes commuting a little easier. The best bags are durable with padded straps and lots of pockets!


The Kapston Pierce Laptop Brief Bag holds a large laptop in the main pocket and has separate pockets for tech accessories and smaller devices. Plus, the attractive design makes it the perfect promotional product for employees or clients to use on their commutes.


For days when they have to rush out the door, their commuter bag comes to the rescue. The Zoom Node Wireless Charging Laptop Backpack comes with a wireless charger so recipients can power their phones on the go.


Don’t forget: These bags are seen every day by other commuters. Make sure to choose one that makes your logo pop. Give one to new employees as a welcome gift or to a favorite customer as a way to say thanks for your business.


Something for drinking


Whether it’s coffee, tea or cold water, the right beverage at the right temperature can make or break a commute. A tumbler that is durable and long-lasting is sure to become a favorite.


The Sidney Travel Tumbler stands the test of time. Its dual-walled construction prevents condensation while the spill-resistant lid helps prevent messes. Plus, it fits into most cup holders. Water drinkers will love the Thor Vacuum Travel Tumbler, which comes with a reusable straw. For a fun touch, consider the Cece Travel Tumbler that comes in handy on commutes or during happy hour. These tumblers make great trade show prizes or giveaways for company events.


Something for safeguarding


Commutes don’t stop for the weather. Give promotional items that make traveling in the rain, sleet, snow or cold just a little more bearable. Your items will come to the rescue every time the weather turns rough.


Commuters can keep umbrellas in the car or office to grab whenever they’re needed. Or, the Mini Folding Umbrella with EVA Case can even be stowed in a purse or briefcase. For a fun twist, choose the I Can See Clearly Umbrella, which has a clear shell.


There are a number of items that will help during the winter months. For starters, the Gripper Ice Scraper helps ensure an icy windshield won’t make them late for work.  They’ll appreciate an extra set of layers, like the Cozy Fleece Gift Set, on cold days.


Give these items as gift to those who attend your company holiday party or other winter event. Or, keep some on hand as a surprise—and much appreciated—giveaway when visiting clients on inclement days.


Something for connecting


Finally, commuting is so much easier with a tech promotional product that keeps them on track or entertained.


Earbuds or headphones allow bus or train riders to listen to music or podcasts while they commute. The Ear Buds with Pod Wrap keeps cords from getting tangled, so they’re ready for every ride.


Stock their car with tech accessories that can be used on the drive to work. The Stretchy Pouch Tech Charging Kit comes with everything needed to charge smartphones on the drive to work.  The Car Buddy Phone Holder, which allows drivers to make calls or view their route hands-free, is another practical item. Or, consider the Car Tech Carry All Kit, which comes with both a USB charger and earbuds.


Tech items like these make great gifts for new employees or as a leave-behind when visiting clients.


Get your messaging on the road


Commutes can be stressful, but travel promotional products can make even the longest journey more enjoyable. With these items, recipients will have a smooth start and end to their workday, while being reminded of your brand.