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Jan 24, 2020 | 4 min read

The junk drawer—everyone has one. Full of dead batteries, duct tape and other random odds and ends that just seem to collect. Make sure your promotional items stay clear of the junk drawer by choosing useful items that your audience will put to good use.  After all, the more an item is used, the more the recipient sees your brand.


Everyday drinkware


When it comes to practical promotional items, drinkware is the perfect choice. In fact, half of those who own branded drinkware use it at least two times a week.


Find the perfect drinkware by letting recipients choose from several types of water bottles or tumblers. For instance, active recipients may appreciate a sports water bottle, like the Refresh® Clutch Water Bottle, while more style-conscious people may like the Vacuum Insulated Bottle. The Refresh® Pebble Tumbler with Straw is a useful at-work item that will appeal to a wide audience.


Another way to give your item staying power is to co-brand it with a well-known name. For example, with the Coleman® Fuse Vacuum Bottle, your logo will sit opposite the popular Coleman brand, making it a favorite for any recipient.


Comfy apparel


Apparel is another practical giveaway that can fit any kind of audience. A more casual crowd will appreciate a relaxed T-shirt, while a polo, such as the Jerzees® SpotShield Jersey Knit Shirt for men and women, is perfect for the office.


And don’t forget wearable accessories! They’re frequently seen and you don’t have to worry about having the right size on hand. Choose a hat, like the Richardson Fitted Trucker Cap with R-Flex. At outdoor events, hand out Vintage Chic Sunglasses, which will likely get used on the spot.


Household items


Make their lives easier with a household giveaway that can used regularly. Tools, totes and first-aid kits will have them thinking of you every day.


Say thanks to customers and employees with a Magnetic COB Flashlight. This handy tool can be stuck to a fridge or electrical box for quick access. An insulated bag, such as the Big Top Grocery Cooler Tote, is the perfect item to draw attendees at a trade show or event. To promote a wellness initiative in the office, hand out Primary Care First Aid Kits. The kits will get them excited about your wellness program and come in handy at work or home.


Inexpensive items


Practical doesn’t have to mean costly.  Many budget friendly items leave a memorable impression—like a pen. Everyone loves a good pen. Whether it’s an in-office giveaway or a leave behind at a client meeting, the Mateo Pen makes for a successful giveaway.


Personal products, such as SPF15 Mineral Lip Balm or Helping Hand Sanitizer, can be carried in a purse or pocket, traveling everywhere with the recipient. And don’t forget about jar openers!  The Jumbo Jar Opener works great at home and can double as a coaster.


Make impressions every day


Don’t have your next giveaway be just another thing in their junk drawer. Your audience is sure to appreciate these useful promotional items, reminding them of your brand with every use.




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