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Posted: January 20, 2023 3 min read

Humor can help you connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. It encourages people to see your brand as one that’s fun and approachable. Eighty-eight percent of people want to laugh or smile from new experiences and 78% of consumers will pay more money to feel happy. We offer fun giveaway ideas plus ways to incorporate humor in your branding and marketing.


Incorporate memes

Memes are an easy way to make people smile. They’re also simple to create. Ask your team to find or create multiple memes relevant to a specific campaign or advertisement. To make your campaign or ad stand out, incorporate goofy giveaways.


Offer a Foam Axe Throwing Kit to the first 20 people who answer a call to action. Ask people to mention your meme ad when they make a purchase to receive a Slingshot Foam Pig. Or challenge your audience to create an even better meme and reward participants with a funny giveaway, like a pixel sword or inflatable drink holder. Every time they look at their silly prize, they’ll remember the fun they had creating content for your brand.


Show off bloopers

Does someone on your team crack up in front of the camera? Did you accidentally film something hilarious at the office? Did a team-building event leave everyone in stitches? People love to watch bloopers because it shows the human side of your brand. Share your bloopers on social media and reward friends and followers who engage with your posts.


Create fun (yet useful) giveaways to give out as prizes. Imprint a funny photo on a comfy hoodie or long-sleeve T-shirt and hold a prize drawing for people who liked or commented on your post. Or imprint a goofy version of your logo on trucker caps and toques and send to anyone who shared your bloopers.


Hold silly contests

Host a contest where participants share a video on social media of them being silly. Have categories like “Best new dance moves” or “Goofiest pet face.” Winners get a funny giveaway, like the Smiley Guy Cell Phone Holder or MopTopper Screen Cleaner Phone Stand.


Give top commenters a humorous charging cable set. They’ll be excited to continue engaging with your posts. Be sure to include a post about their prize to encourage other followers to participate.


Run a trivia contest with funny questions. Be sure to choose questions that people can’t quickly find answers to. The person who gets the most correct answers is rewarded with a Thumbs Up Cell Phone Stand Pocket. They’ll give your brand a thumbs up every time they use it.


Throw in puns

Everybody loves a good pun—the cheesier the better. Bonus points if it rhymes. Throw one or two puns in your social posts, blog articles, newsletters and ads. They’ll remember your content longer than the competition’s.


The Thumbs Up MopTopper Stylus Pen or Goofy Guy Light-Up Stylus Twist Pen are silly giveaways to slip into customers’ orders. Other fun giveaway ideas include the Friendly Face Stress Ball and Emoji Stress Reliever. Place on employees’ desks as a “thanks for all you do” gesture.


Fun giveaway ideas bring joy and laughter

With these fun giveaway ideas, plus tips like incorporating memes into a campaign or boosting engagement with silly trivia questions, your audience will be happy, engaged and pleased to do business with you. Now that’s something to smile about!