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Posted: November 27, 2020 3 min read

With more states and facilities opening their doors, visitors may be returning to your building. Offering a comfortable and safe environment is more important now than ever. These tips and branded gift ideas can put people at ease as they walk through your door—and that’s good for your company’s brand reputation. Here are some ways to welcome them back:


Create a safe waiting area:

Stock masks and hand sanitizer at your entrance so everyone has immediate access to these must-have items. Install a contactless sign-in so people don’t have to share pens or touchscreens. Take visitors’ temperatures—with a no-contact thermometer—to drive home the message that your facility takes safety seriously. In addition, have regularly scheduled cleaning and sanitizing times and let everyone know about them. Seeing you go above and beyond can give visitors peace of mind about being inside your building.


Use signage for clarity:

Remove anxiety-causing uncertainty by installing signs that offer clear directions and necessary information. Giving the gift of information makes people feel welcome. Set up an arrow sign pointing visitors toward your check-in area. Signage is also great for promoting current deals. Place a large graphic in the elevator with the number to the front-desk in case they have questions. You can also hang a banner in your lobby or waiting area that lists the steps your company takes to ensure safety. Consider creating a more interactive sign by placing a QR code for visitors to scan if they want to learn more about your company or download a coupon.


Help employees stand out:

Visitors want to know who works in your facility and who is just visiting. It’s never a fun feeling to walk up to someone, ask them a question and then realize they don’t work there. Visitors can easily identify staff when they’re wearing branded polo shirts or jackets. A name badge can help make them even more approachable. In addition, train your staff to take a genuine interest in your visitors, so people feel relaxed and welcome when they interact with employees. Consider designating an employee to greet your visitors as they arrive. Make sure they make eye contact, smile and let visitors know they have a go-to person who can answer questions.


Offer welcome packets:

With plates of cookies and fresh-brewed coffee no longer an option, what other tangible ways can you welcome visitors? Put together a sealed welcome packet that contains items you’d normally have out on a table. Branded giveaways like lotion and mints are great options. A pen is great for guests who need to sign documents. Now that you likely won’t have brochures sitting out, provide digital versions they can access from their phone while they wait.


By thinking outside the box and keeping your visitors’ safety front and center, you can easily create a comfortable environment to make visitors feel welcome.