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Feb 10, 2017

Getting your brand noticed in a competitive market is no easy feat. And once you get noticed, building brand loyalty is key. For that, you need great customer service and visibility. Here are some ideas to help you achieve your #BrandGoals. (could be clickable to twitter feed with this hashtag)


Making your brand instantly recognizable will help people remember it. Go for consistency with your logo and brand color. Have your logo printed everywhere. Imagine someone stepping into your business. What will they see? Hopefully they will see your name (and brand color) and know they are in the right place. Show who you are with logo’d pens, shopping totes and your employee apparel.  Brand recognition can be a powerful thing.


Amazing customer service can set you apart. Listen to your customers, be flexible and keep communication lines open. Giving your customers a magnetic business card will make it easy for customers to contact you. In some cases, your customers may want to text a question instead of calling. Your sale associates can give out a work cell phone number on a business card tucked inside Adhesive Cell Phone Wallets. And remember to always follow up with a thank you. Small tokens, such as a key tags, and a hand written note show you appreciate their business.


Get involved in the community and your company will benefit. Become a well-known presence by giving back—it is always good business. And make sure your brand is seen at events by imprinting canvas bags, rally pom-poms and sail signs.


Say hi (or thank you) with free coffee for customers, clients and staff. Set up a coffee station in your entrance area with logo’d mugs, to-go cups and cookies or other treats. Don’t forget the kids! Acknowledging them makes a good impression on parents and could lead to new customers when those kids grow up. They will remember a jar full of Tootsie Pops® or stickers at the front desk long into the future.


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