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Jan 23, 2017

Did you know over 50% of the working population is in small business? Though small businesses might seem like a minority, they actually have been creating the majority of new jobs in the US for the past several years. Being a small business doesn’t mean having less impact. Small business owners can see big benefits from using social media, both to create a strong brand image and to be more accessible. Here we share some big promotional ideas for small businesses:


Convey relevance with technology
You can break any barrier with technology promotions. The Ridge Line 3 in 1 Cable Pouch will appeal to many with its three cables that are compatible with most smartphones. And with Bluetooth® becoming more common, especially with the newest iPhone® developments, prospects will clamor for the Bluetooth® Stereo Ear Buds. The Stockton Power Bank and 4GB Stylus Pen USB Drive help establish your brand as a credible source with a focus on current developments.


Differentiate your brand with clever promotions
Unexpected promotions can bring extra attention to your brand. It’s a marketing technique small businesses can use to bring them out of obscurity. Local microbreweries and liquor stores can create elaborate packaging with the Bullware Six Pack Carrier to entice customers. Similarly, the Glacier Stainless Vacuum Travel Tumbler will remind people to return to the local coffee shop. You might even try encouraging visitors to spread social media marketing with the Hollywood Selfie Pole and your own hashtag. It will amaze customers that you even have your logo on a pair of Touch Screen Gloves. Get people talking!


Leave room for brand evolution
As small businesses work to establish themselves, they often do a lot of changing. Keep everyone apprised of your changing schedule with the Goingreen Monthly Pocket Planner. The Lunch Sack Tote gives employees a sense of stability and well-being in a changing landscape. You can even give your employees a reminder to check in with your mission with the Magnifying Compact Mirror. And invite your customers to give your business another look with the Woodgrain Risky Business Sunglasses.


Make your marketing budget go further
The best way to get more from your marketing budget is to promote on items with longevity—things that prospective clients will keep in their homes and offices. The Frosted Silicone Oven Mitt and 16-oz Isolating Vacuum Bottle both have long-term promoting potential. And think about how long people keep umbrellas. That’s what makes the 37″ Arc Folding Umbrella with EVA Case so valuable as a gift for customer loyalty. And the low cost of the Roll Up Fleece Blanket will pay off big in the amount of day-to-day use it will get.

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