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Posted: March 31, 2023 3 min read

Consumers are inundated with all kinds of marketing messages. Research from south of the border suggests that the average American sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads daily, and since we consume much of the same media, those numbers are likely similar here in Canada. Setting your organization apart from the competition can help cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention. Try these unique giveaway ideas to differentiate your business and make your customers and team members smile.


It’s all fun and games

Games are relaxing, engaging and can create some fun competition. Give employees a basketball game or Mini Memory Game to keep at their workspace for fun and relaxing brain breaks. Have a client who’s young at heart? They’ll love unique promotional giveaways that they can enjoy with their friends and family, like a giant tower game or oversize yard dice game. Enter them into a prize draw when they sign up for your newsletter, or pair with their favourite food and beverage for the perfect spring gift basket to thank them for their business.


Get moody

Colour-changing promotional products have a vintage vibe that will make anyone smile. A Chameleon Colour Change Tumbler with Straw morphs colours when exposed to a cold beverage. Pair with Light-Up Ice Cubes for a unique gift sure to drum up some joy. Mood pencils and bracelets make fun swag for your next trade show or as staff giveaways to thank them for their hard work.


Go glitzy with glitter

Who doesn’t love the glamorous look of glitter? Help your valued customers and associates shine bright with a glitter tote. Or choose a glitter rocket lamp for them to decorate their space. Hosting an event? Present your team with glitter travel tumblers they can use to tote hot and cold beverages (along with your brand) to and from work. For a sentimental gift, give your star employees a glimmer pen along with a handwritten note letting them know you made the “write” choice when you asked them to join your team.


Toys to make them laugh

Toys can bring out the child in all of us. A Slingshot Foam Pig or hand clapper makes a great gift for family-friendly picnics, events or competitions. Want to grab your team members’ attention? Give them an everyday object in a surprising shape, like a smiley stress reliever or fun guy pen. Include a gift card to a restaurant they frequent or their favourite snacks and you have a unique giveaway idea that’s sure to stand out.


Dare to be different

Captivate your customers and stand out from the crowd with colour-changing, glittery, fun and unique giveaway ideas.