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Posted: July 09, 2021 | Updated: August 18, 2021 5 min read

The best branded giveaways usually come with a story. The favorite pen from a trade show. The comfortable shirt won in a contest. Or the silly cell phone holder that makes everyone smile when they see it. Those stories start with organizations that were raising funds, thanking employees or connecting with customers.

If you’re searching for a new way to tell your story with swag, we’ve got inspiration from organizations like yours. Our customers are sharing their best branded gifts and how they used them to accomplish their goals.

Hats off to great apparel

Logoed apparel is worn again and again—providing lots of opportunity for your story to be shared. They’ll think of you every time they put on their favorite hat, shirt or hoodie. That’s what makes apparel one of the best branded giveaways.

  • “The shirts were to give the growing team matching, comfortable shirts for work. Team looks more professional and [customers] have noticed.” – Brian from Buzz Brite Cleaning Solutions
  • “Item was imprinted with the manufacturer’s logo—we thank buyers by giving hats after their purchase.” – Angie from Upper Canada Marine
  • “I wear the shirts to promote my business, give out coffee mugs, pens, flashlights and business cards to clients and potential clients (everyone LOVES swag)” – Bob from Niagara Peninsula Home Inspections
  • “We love to give stuff away here at Bruce Telecom, and are well known for our fully loaded Swag Bags! We often host draws for our social media followers to participate in.  The bags are loaded with branded items [like hats] and in return we have the privilege of seeing our branded swag while we are out and about in the communities we serve!  WIN-WIN” – Kathryn from Bruce Telecom

Memorable marketers

A truly memorable promo often becomes a story all in itself—whether it offers a laugh, a learning experience or just cause for someone to say, “Oh, that’s cool.”

  • “We handed out Black Eyed Susans (Plant in a Recycled Box) to every patient in the month of April to promote awareness of Earth Day and to thank them for their loyalty.” – Lisa from Centrum Dental Centre
  • “We use these tattoos for awareness. Very popular with the kids. This was our third tattoo order in the past 2 years. Due to COVID and no awareness events where we can hand them out, we will be sending them to schools for awareness during Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month in May.” – Neurofibromatosis Ontario
  • “Our annual company-wide meeting had to be held virtually. To help replace our usual ‘cocktail with colleagues’ we delivered to all our employees a selection of local micro-brewery beers and 4 Govino beer glasses, perfect for use on the patio this summer. It was a great hit with the team!” – Lucie from Leclerc Assurances
  • “We use all items purchased towards our Team Building efforts and as Thank You gestures for our valued clientele. The smallest of items often make the biggest difference. From Goofy Phone Stands to Quality Knits, we are always pleased with our result.” – Lynda from Royal Ottawa Health Care Group

Writing some stories of their own

Even in a world filled with email, instant messaging and other electronic communication, the words, “Got a pen?” are still part of daily life. That’s what makes notebooks, pens and other write-it-down-so-I-don’t-forget-giveaways so popular.

  • “We combined the need to provide sanitized unused pens for customer signoffs with brand promotions by handing out customized branded pens. The pens seem such a small contribution, but customers are really excited and appreciative with this small ‘gift.’” – Lynne from 360 Group of Companies
  • “I send my branded journals to my course participants as a thank you and a tool for participating. They do not know that they are receiving them, so it is a lovely surprise that also helps them connect their experience to my brand. After the workshop they are a great tool to continue their learning and be reminded that the ‘Connecting Potential’ experience helped them to achieve their goals!” – Pam from Connecting Potential
  • “[We used these notebooks] for the community as a special gift.” – Irene from Beausoleil Family Health Centre
  • “We used these for our painting division, we hand [sticky flag booklets] out to our potential clients when we give them a free quote.” – Kinkaid Construction

Useful items that get praise

Useful items are the ones they’ll reach for again and again. They stay on desks and in bags for days, weeks, months and years to come—and so will your name!

  • “Everything we engage with 4imprint [like this calendar] is a continued small step to my client’s success story!!!!” – Frank from Mazzuca DPI
  • “Relabeling new fermentation pails instore [with these labels]. Clean and fresh new look.” – Melissa from Wine Kitz Duncan
  • “To promote and educate through workshops, having thank you gifts [like this phone wallet] does bring in the crowd we are searching for. They appreciate it.” – Verna from Chamkun Health Centre
  • “Just updated our branding and wanted a way to showcase our new logo. In today’s current climate, hand sanitizer is a great way to show off and keep safe.” – Avelin from Plasman

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