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Posted: October 26, 2018 | Updated: January 05, 2021

When it comes to meeting new people—potential clients and even recruits—first impressions matter more than you think. Research shows that a first impression is made within just seven seconds of meeting someone. That leaves little time for introductions, product explanations or elevator speeches. Make a big impression fast with one of these four ideas using promotional items. These tips and inexpensive giveaway ideas are sure to make a positive mark.


Make it personal

When preparing to meet a new contact, find out a little bit about the person before being introduced. Look for a bio on the company website, ask a shared contact for some background information, or check social media. Leave a positive impression by bringing a unique gift, based on their interests, to your first meeting. For example, if your new contact enjoys golf, give them a product they will regularly use on the golf course, such as the Golf Buddy or Aluminum Divot Tool with Ball Marker. If they enjoy gardening, the Plastic Garden Tool is a gift that is sure to be used again and again. With every use, these gifts will remind the contact of you and your brand. Not sure what their interests are? Choose a promotional item that anyone will find useful, such as the Double Pocket Cell Phone Wallet.


Grab their attention

Whether it’s a storefront or trade show booth, an attractive and eye-catching display is an effective way to make a positive first impression on anyone who passes by. Creative signage, window displays and flags successfully grab attention and showcase your brand. After capturing their attention with signage, use a welcoming entry way or booth to continue to pique interest. Leaving a basket of inexpensive promotional items for visitors to take not only makes a good impression, it will remind them of your brand every time they use the item. Ear buds, such as the Colorful Earbud Wrap, make a great giveaway that many will use and appreciate. Get year-round recognition with a calendar. Or choose a seasonal sweet treat that will get noticed, such as the Fla-Vor-Ice Freeze Pops or Hot Chocolate Pouch.


Learn more and follow-up

We can’t say it enough—it is important to use the first seconds of meeting a new contact to learn as much as you can about them. Always be prepared with questions. Begin by asking about the person’s role at work. Then, ask about problem areas where you and your organization can help. As the discussion winds down, be sure to ask for a business card so you can follow up. When you follow up, tell the contact how much you enjoyed the initial meeting and send along a small token of thanks. Inexpensive promotional items can make their work life easier without breaking the bank. Just about any contact will appreciate the Aluminum Card Case or the Clicker USB drive. Or try an item that can be used at home and at the office, such as the Angle Up Aluminum Sports Bottle or Ridgeview Notebook Set.


Be yourself

Most importantly, be yourself and represent your brand genuinely. Being authentic not only makes a good first impression; it makes you and your messaging stand out. No two people—or brands—are alike, so the best way to make a lasting impression is to be your unique self. Remind them of who you are with a gift that represents your brand. Recipients will enjoy fun and practical items, such as a Bic® Color-In Notepad, Pocket Phone Ledge with Screen Cleaner or Lip Gloss Ball. Plus, these giveaways make great conversation starters for all who see them.


Give a gift. Make an impression.

With these tips, any new contact is sure to leave with a positive impression of your brand and, thanks to inexpensive giveaways, they will be reminded of it regularly.