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Aug 21, 2015

4imprint 4 Ideas Friday
4 Ideas Friday: Marketing to Millennials

Representing an age group of about 18 to 34, Millennials are the newest generation hitting adulthood and emerging in the job market. They are an important population to consider when marketing your business or brand. Some of their predominant traits include a strong sense of community, a desire to foster connections and an interest in small business. They also value diversity and innovation. Keep these characteristics in mind if you want to make a meaningful connection with this generation.

If Millennials are part of your target market, you can build your promotional presence by focusing on their values. And if Millennials grow to like and trust your brand, they’ll happily use products that bear your name.

Balancing home and work lifeMillennials appreciate workplace flexibility that gives them the ability to also cultivate their home life. Products that make this balance possible honour this generation’s sense of autonomy. The multitasking High Line Messenger Bag and Expedition Laptop Backpack help them transition seamlessly from work to personal time with storage for everything in between. Work-from-home positions are especially appealing to this group, so advertise your job opening on the trend-setting Sculpt Travel Tumbler. To help them feel more connected to their families and travel adventures, the 4″ x 6″ Curved Wood Colour Pop Frame provides a constant reminder of what and whom they cherish most.Frame/Clock/Desk Organizer
Making a differenceSocial change is a strong driving factor for Millennials. Many feel a personal responsibility to use their creativity, passion and skills to make a difference in the world. You can begin by promoting volunteer opportunities at your organization with a useful Curvy Stylus Twist Pen. Pass out stylish, eye-catching Silicone Twist Bracelets to drive participation and awareness for your cause. The bright unisex jewelry offers a fun, energetic twist on the awareness-bracelet trend. Thank your loyal volunteers and donors with a stylish fashion tee, like the Bodie Heathered Blend Tee. Provide relief and refreshments to those working hard in the field by donating personalized Bottled Water.United Colours Tritan Bottle - 24 oz.
Working fast and staying connectedMillennials are “digital natives,” the first generation to grow up with computers in the home. Cell phones and computers are predominant fixtures with this crowd, with the Internet being their primary source of information and news. They value speed and connectivity at work and elsewhere to get things done quickly and efficiently. So, a strong digital presence is necessary to keep this generation connected to your brand. Therefore, digital accessories, like the On the Go Power Bank or the Vero Bluetooth® Speaker, are a great way to cultivate a relationship with Millennials. The Hollywood Selfie Pole supports your social media presence and develops an engaging brand connection.  The Sport Media Armband supports this generation’s active, on-the-go lifestyle.Selfie Remote Key Tag
Seeing resultsMillennials are motivated by tangible results and thrive on feedback to boost their productivity. Encourage your managerial team to participate in monthly, instead of yearly, reviews with fun incentives, like the youthful Flexfit Ultrafibre Mesh Cap, for reaching milestones. Implement training sessions and continued opportunities for personal growth. People Clips serve as a reminder that your business encourages people-building skills. Offer feedback, leave encouraging words and help them keep tabs on their progress with a Chalkboard Appointment Calendar. Supply relevant educational materials in the Bohemian Jute Tote, which adds a natural vibe, thanks to its jute and cotton blend.Fabrizio Tablet Sleeve
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