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Women in Science: one by one story

You never know how an organization will make a difference. Here’s one inspiring story.  


Women in Science l one by one charitable giving program l 4imprint

For some young girls, the thought of a career in science is less than exciting. But that can change after they attend the Sioux Falls Women in Science Eighth Grade Career Expo—said by some students to be the best field trip of the year. This fun, high energy event just held its tenth annual expo, led by a committee of 17 professional women volunteers and attended by more than 600 eighth grade girls from 30 area schools.

The expo offers attendees a chance to participate in hands-on activities related to career exploration and provides the opportunity to meet more than 100 professional women in science as well as representatives from area colleges to help prepare for higher learning. Young girls learn about careers in science and similar fields that aren’t necessarily found in a traditional school curriculum. “This program fills the gaps that the schools aren’t able to,” said Women in Science Board Member Kristy Jackson. “It gives girls a chance to see if they can see themselves fitting into those [career] fields.”

This nonprofit organization was a recent recipient of a one by one® grant from promotional products retailer 4imprint®. The grant was used to purchase a logo’d tablecloth for the registration table and stress balls to thank volunteers for their time. “The tablecloth really helped us to have a presence at the event and stand out as the central resource center,” said Jackson. “We’ve been able to use it at other events as well and it really contributes to a professional look.”

Read more one by one recipient stories on 4imprint’s Facebook page. To apply for a one by one grant, visit our website at and click the Application tab.

Make the World Brighter One Promotion at a Time

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new crusade setting out to make the everyday a little more beautiful. It’s called “yarn bombing.”  Artists have been busy covertly planting pretty little knitted surprises around various big cities. The idea is to give mundane city objects, like bike racks and lamp posts, pretty colorful cable-knit sweaters. One website calls it “improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time.”

Here are some that Moriah found near home:

I recently saw another blog post where the author similarly added beauty to a few outdoor environments, including a sidewalk crack. She painted hearts on some ordinary rocks and set them out with the sole purpose of brightening people’s days, especially those who were downcast.


This novel concept of randomly making people’s days brighter translates perfectly into promotional territory. Think of it as the antithesis of graffiti.

With the proper approval, leaving behind “flower bombs” in the industrial park or logo’d mint tins at popular dating spots (movie theaters, restaurant tables, etc.) will have potential customers equating your company with good times and extra thoughtfulness.


Finding an unexpected, wacky stress ball in the dentist’s chair or a personalized bookmark in a newly purchased novel is such a rewarding special touch. What ways could you translate this heart-warming trend into a marketing opportunity for your business?

Making someone’s day brighter is not only good for business, but it can also be good for the soul. Wouldn’t you agree?


Autumn Traditions to Inspire Your Promotions

Fall is the season of leaf-jumping, harvest-picking, pumpkin-carving and hot chocolate-drinking. It also happens to be a great time to spice your promotions up with a seasonal twist. Get your employees and customers into the spirit of the season with these great giveaways:

  1. Pumpkin Patch: Give each adult a pumpkin stress ball personalized with your picking dates and phone number.
  2. Warm Cider: The dark red version of this promotional pen is scented with a spiced cider aroma, conjuring warm memories of holidays at home.
  3. Snuggling up: While avoiding turning on the heat just yet, cuddle up to this super-soft, logo’d chenille blanket.
  4. Kickoff of football season: Keep the cold ones coming inside this football-themed custom can coolie.
  5. Campfires: While everyone is gathered around the bonfire, begin a new fall tradition with complete personalized S’mores kits.

Promotional Products Work – I Can’t ‘Stress’ That Enough…

Recently I ran across a television commercial for a car rental company that attempts to sell their brand as the ‘low stress, hassle-free’ experience. The commercial started by showing the full-to-capacity lobby of a fictitious competitor where customers received imprinted stress balls as a way of covering for long lines and poor service.

One element of this ad is right on the money – no stress ball, coffee cup, pen or embroidered shirt will make up for products or service that stinks.

Then again, neither will a television commercial, radio spot or print advertisement.

My only objection is that too often promotional products are portrayed as unsophisticated or simplistic. Those of us in the promotional products business have seen plenty of ads (print and television) that use promotional items as a ‘cute’ way of implying the relative lack of sophistication a company might have.

Promotional products are just like any other tool in a smart marketer’s tool box – highly effective when used correctly. And like most tools, they’re often used in combination with other tools to increase their effectiveness.

Promotional products, when used wisely, are a highly effective (and cost-effective) way of reaching an individual on a one-to-one basis. Promotional products build and strengthen relationships, create awareness, enhance the recall of traditional media advertising and have real staying power. Give a product that people use, and you will be remembered. Smart marketers know the impact these items have as part of any contact management/advertising campaign.

How much deeper might the ‘hassle free’ brand message resonate if throughout period of the TV campaign that car rental company actually gave their customers a stress ball with some sort of ‘you might need this elsewhere, but you won’t need it here’ imagery?

By adding a promotional product to the marketing mix, the company would get a fun new reason to interact with their customers, drive home an important brand message and improve the effectiveness of a large television advertising investment.

Pretty powerful stuff for something that sells for as low as .72!