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Demonstrate Just How Much You Care

Employees here at 4imprint have been undergoing some training called 4i Care. This training boils down to finding ways to offer customers a “Plus One” experience, which means meeting customer needs and then exceeding them.

I experienced an example of this at a local restaurant recently. They served my husband something he was allergic to even though he ordered his meal without. Rather than simply apologizing and sending out another meal, the manager himself came out to talk with us with a sincere apology and offered to pay for my husband’s meal. Despite the potentially damaging mistake, I am now, more than ever, likely to return to that business because I truly felt valued. And we hope you feel that way about 4imprint!

You too can offer your audience something they weren’t expecting—stay on top of their needs and then some! 

Keep a stack of these coupons on-hand for your employees to use. Have them stick the coupons on receipts or checkout slips to ensure your customers will make return trips. Or offer the cards whenever an unfortunate error occurs so your customers give you another chance.


Provide each new customer at your establishment this reusable cup. Then, offer them free refills whenever they bring the cups in again. Now, that’s a great extra incentive to return! 

Who says a piggy bank should only be used for money? Use this bank as an anonymous comment box for your “internal customers,” aka employees. Take the comments seriously and figure out ways to make your workplace more pleasant, their home away from home.

Travel Mugs with Style

‘Tis the season for travel and warm beverages.

And, that makes this a good time of year to talk about travel mugs. In this post, I want to show you travel mugs in a few new styles that are designed to attract more attention to your logo.

High Contrast Colors, New Logo Area

Nerva Travel Mug from 4imprint

If you’re looking for a more modern travel mug design, look at one of the new options with high-contrast style. The Nerva Travel Mug (pictured above) attracts attention because the logo isn’t in the usual imprint spot. Bright colors contrast against the black imprint area and lid for a very now look.

Straight Sides

Biodegradable Venti Tumbler Travel Mug from 4imprint

These mugs are sleek. Straight sides give an updated, minimalist look. Mugs in this style are available in both acrylic and stainless. The Biodegradable Venti Tumbler (pictured above) is acrylic.

The Ellipse Tumbler (pictured below) is made from stainless steel.

Ellipse Tumbler Travel Mug from 4imprint

The Paper-look-alike

For the latest mug style, consider a paper-look-alike mug. The Terra Coffee Cup is actually ceramic with a rubber lid.

Terra Coffee Cup Travel Mug from 4imprint

These are fun to carry around because people often do a double-take, when they realize this isn’t a throwaway cup. These will make fun holiday gifts for those looking to make a statement.