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Never Lose Your “To Do” List Again

If people in your office have sticky notes all over their computer monitors or laptops, they’ll love the Post-it® Notes 6 x 4 To Do list. This oversized sticky note keeps all of those to-do items in one place.  Your team can place them anywhere and move them repeatedly.

These list-making helpers would also make great giveaways at conferences and workshops, helping attendees keep track of their takeaways. The 4imprint exclusive ‘To Do’ list is just one style of 6 x 4 repositionable notes, which are also available in an Executive Style and Flowers.

These promotional products are available a variety of colors. If you’re looking for something customers will appreciate, these updated Post-it Notes help add a little convenience to teams’ busy worlds.


Cheaters That Are Winners

Cheater glasses have been around forever, but they’re new as promotional products. (If you haven’t used them before, cheaters are reading glasses that are available without a prescription.)

Available in the Central Park Readers style, these promotional products are both funky and useful.  Modeled after a pop culture trend toward heavy, large frames, celebrities and public personalities alike have been sporting this style of glasses. And, they’re useful. As a giveaway, that means they’ll bring your organization to mind again and again.

Imagine providing these in a dimly lit restaurant, to help customers read the menu. Banks, mortgage companies or title companies could offer these to customers to help them read contractual fine print. Churches, synagogues or faith communities might provide these to help those who need a bit of help seeing worship materials. Each time recipients grab the pair of cheaters from their purse or pocket thereafter, they’ll be reminded of the organization that provided them.

When you order cheaters as a promotional product, the order is split into three lens strengths: light, medium and strong. So, you’ll be able to offer your customers just the bit of reading help they need. And, like other great promotional products, these will be used again and again.


Tech Giveaways

Looking for the best tech giveaway? Our single port USB car charger is hot and it makes you look cool.

This handy device can be used in your car to charge anything from MP3 players to phones. These are popular giveaways because they’re small, affordable, and lightweight to carry home.

The media charging station is another great giveaway for corporate travelers.

These promotional products are unique and convenient. And, they help customers remember your brand every time they charge up.


A New Twist on Calendars

If you’ve ever felt like promotional calendars weren’t made for you, it might be time to take a second look. A new line of promotional calendars is emerging that’s modern and fun.

This Tattoo Art Calendar is one example.

This calendar puts a new twist on an old idea. Each month in the calendar features a different tattoo masterpiece. These amazing body art creations will appeal to a wide range of audiences. Even if you don’t have a tattoo, you’re bound to appreciate the artwork.

Tattoos aren’t the only option in this new line of modern calendars. The Extreme Sports Motivational Calendar is another update to the classic calendar.

Traditional promotional calendars often feature motivations that aren’t widely relatable. This promotional calendar does the opposite, by featuring ordinary athletes in extraordinary places. And, the message isn’t really about athletics at all. It’s about achieving what’s important in life, and that makes this calendar resonate across age groups and demographics.


Light up your event

If you’re looking for promotional products that attract attention in the dark, light-up products are the perfect find. Grown-ups love this glow-in-the-dark gear, in part because it makes nighttime events even more fun. For example, a night-time fundraising walk or run team would have a blast with LED Neon Headband.

Or, if you’re having an evening party, light-up novelties can be a fun conversation starter and they add flair to a room. If you’re planning an evening wedding, consider the classic champagne glass with a light up spiral stem. They’re perfect for those memorable toasts. Light-up martini, margarita and pilsner styles are available as well.

If you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted, the LED Ninja sword lights up and makes noise.

Imagine how much fun your team could have at an upcoming team-building activities or corporate celebration.


Summer Yard Signs

I love seeing summer yard signs. It’s a fun way to remind people of summer activities or to advertise events. They’re affordable, easy and extremely effective.

While yard signs have many classic uses (yard sales, art fairs, farmers markets, campaigns and elections), customers are always finding different ways to use them.

Some use yard signs to promote upcoming job fairs, introduce new products or services or advertise neighborhood events.

They’re fun, easy, and eye catching. And, because they’re double-sided, they’ll be seen at any angle.

If you have an event or product that requires special promotion, the attention-getting outdoor sail banners will do the trick. Whether you’re a boat shop promoting new models, a restaurant drawing attention to your atmosphere or specials, a retailer offering a sale, or an event planner welcoming guest, these signs will grab the attention of anyone passing by.

Summer is a good time to spread your message. These promotional products help you take advantage of the outdoors, too.


An Attention-Getting Marketing Strategy

While traveling recently, I saw two great examples of brands using inflatables in fun new ways: eye-catching guerrilla marketing and window design.

Outside a store, a team of people were wearing large inflatable neon flip flops, attracting attention at an outdoor shopping center.

Not long after seeing the bright colors of the street-level marketing, I saw a window display using inflatables as a backdrop. Talk about eye-catching.

Whether you’re planning a window, street-level marketing event or a fun giveaway, check out some inflatable promotional products.

Inflatable beach balls would make a great promotional window display that could work for a sports-themed window. String multiples them together like popcorn and cranberries or colored garland for a holiday display.

Use them as promotional giveaways for the beach-worthy days of summer!


Creative Ways to Use the Double-Wall Laguna Tumbler

We have a fun little twist-apart tumbler that is sure to bring entertainment to your next get-together. Not only do you get to customize this cup with your company logo, but each recipient can then customize the tumbler to his or her own liking. The walls of the Laguna Double Wall Tumbler twist apart, so you can decorate between the walls however you’d like. 

Customized Tumbler with straw


Let’s explore five fun ways to get started:

Tumbler with insert


1. Feathers: One sole peacock feather with bright bold colors matches the blue Laguna Tumbler perfectly.

Double wall Laguna Tumbler


2. Duct tape: a sheet of tie-dye duct tape brings the orange version right to life. You can even leave the backing on the duct tape sheet to make it easier to remove when you want to change up the look.

Two piece tumbler

3. Ribbon: twirls of bright ribbon wrapped around the inner wall look festive and celebratory. I chose a shiny pink ribbon, but with the array of ribbon designs available at the craft stores, the possibilities are endless.

Promotional insert tumbler

4. Scrapbook paper: Cut a sheet of scrapbook paper down to size and insert between the walls. Then, write your favorite quote in dry-erase marker on the outside of the inner wall so it won’t smudge. Dry-erase marker easily wipes off so you can change the quote as the mood strikes.

Twist-apart double wall tumbler

5. Atlas page and photo: a travel photo with a map in the background is a great way to display photos outside of the traditional photo frame.

Dual wall personalized cup

Sprinkle some confetti or glitter inside, make stripes with washi tape, or insert other thin trinkets. There are so many ways that recipients can personalize this tumbler and make it all their own, all the while promoting your business.

If you want to grab your guests’ interest at your next seminar, company picnic or trade show, the Laguna Tumbler is one great way to go!

Pinterest® for Small Business

Team spirit is not just about feeling better. It’s about performing better.

If your small business hasn’t joined Pinterest® yet, there’s no time to waste. The growth opportunity that comes with this new social media giant just keeps on growing.

In May 2012, Pinterest had raised $100 million from investors, was closing in on 10 million active users and was valued at $1.5 billion. By February, 2013, its valuation jumped to the $2-2.5 billion range. You can imagine what that means in terms of traffic, which is skyrocketing: it’s four times what it was a year ago.

So, if it’s a crash course you’re waiting for, this is it. Here’s what you need to know about putting your small business on Pinterest.

Before pinning
Lucky for small businesses like yours, Pinterest created a profile specifically for businesses in late 2012. Before you register as a new user and sign in to create a profile, some things to consider:

  • Audience. Your business’s role on Pinterest is determined in large part by your target audience, or your customer base. Pull your team together to do some brainstorming about your audience. What do they do? What do they like? How do they communicate?
  • Boards. As a team, determine what the ideal pin boards should be for your business.
  • Sharibility. Don’t forget to ready your website (and your blog!) by snagging and integrating the Pinterest share buttons.

Begin to pin
Develop a strategy to go with your Pinterest activity. For instance, what kind of time should be devoted to the initiative and how often should the person behind your business on Pinterest engage with your followers? Here is some other sage advice:

  • Check sources. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that what we’re sharing belongs to someone else. Take a look at the source before you repin something to determine if it’s valid. And, if you pin something original, you may want to add a watermark specific to your business to preserve the image’s origins.
  • Product placement. If you’re going to be displaying pins of your products, don’t forget to add the price to its description as well as backlinks to a purchase page.

Tracking pins
Your business will have a very real “Pinfluence” so it’s important to track your impact. You can use basic tracking tools like PinReach, Pinalytics and Reachli—all of which are free! Keep an eye on who is pinning and repinning your images. This is especially exciting when you notice new customers engaging with your content. Here’s how to capitalize on each new interaction:

  • Thank you shout-outs. Use the @Tag to mention other users that have repinned your business images. It’s always nice to be recognized!
  • Use special offers to drive pins and repins. Draft a blog that highlights your new place on Pinterest and allude to special offers that come with new interactions and repins. You can note special offers in the image description or you can house the special offers on your site. When you’ve matched people with Pinterest profile repins, include some fun promotional products in their order, things like a fun mood frame magnet, can cooler or beanie.
  • Offer promotional codes and reduced rates. Instead of gifts, you could also offer a one-time reduced rate unlocked by a promotional code they can locate via Pinterest.

Not all of your Pinterest activity has to be based online. Share some great ideas from Pinterest on-site with the help of posters on aisle ends to intrigue customers who may not have Internet access. That way, they can still take advantage of some of the awesome ideas on Pinterest.

Celebrate pins
Up your engagement by engineering a contest for your customers and followers on Pinterest. Ask them to snap a photo of something they created with products from you. For example, if you’re a home improvement store, you could create a special board for DIY projects and then ask your customers to give them a try, then upload the photo of the finished product and use a predetermined contest hashtag in the pin description.

Ask followers to vote on winners by repinning submissions. Then, when the votes—or repins—are all in, send some applause the winner’s way with a cool gift like a digital photo frame so they can continue to enjoy their photos—and think of you!

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Huntington Disease Awareness Month
MedicAlert Month

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12: Canada Health Day
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21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
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14: World Blood Donor Day
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27: Canadian Multiculturalism Day
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30: Social Media Day

Practical Meets Different in the Notebook Band-it

The Notebook Band-it is a product that appeals to a wide range of audiences, from voracious readers to home handymen, everyday chefs and office organizers.

That’s because this stretchy book band lets you find and keep your page, hands-free.

Whether you’re reading on a breezy beach, repairing what’s broken, whipping up a gourmet feast or keeping ‘to-do’ lists in order, this giveaway goes to work.

The Notebook Band-it is made from an ultra-wide elastic band. A charm provides the perfect backdrop for your organization’s logo.

So, whether you are kicking off a new project and want to outfit the project team with a way to stay organized, you are looking for a novel giveaway at an upcoming home show or you want to equip new customers with a way to keep their welcome packets in order, the Notebook Band-it is likely to prove popular. It’s so practical that users often wonder, ‘How did I live without this?’