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Watching a space ship fly over your house…

Well, it has been quite a while since I made a posting here, sorry about that but my team and I have been working hard on a major upgrade to our site that will be coming soon (more details in a later posting!).

I have been dying to make a blog posting to let you know something cool that happened last week….

…. a spaceship flew about 200 feet over my house!

Now, before you start thinking I have been spending too much time in the sun (and it has been really sunny and warm here in Oshkosh for quite a while now) or go thinking that the crazy Englishman has had one too many late nights locked up in the server room working on the new site, let me explain…

One of the things Oshkosh is famous for is the EAA air show.
Once a year, tens of thousands of aviation fans from all over the US and the world descend on our little town for a week to watch lots of cool aircraft and exciting aerobatic displays. This year over 700,000 people attended the show, including such famous people as Harrision Ford, Calista Flockhart, Richard Gere and Richard Branson.

There’s always one or two stars of the show (a few years ago it was Concorde – apparently they had to build an extension to the runway just so it could land) and this years stars were undoubtedly SpaceShipOne, White Knight as well as the Virgin GlobalFlyer.

Now, I have been accused of being a bit of an aviation nut myself and I knew that I had what was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch SpaceShipOne arrive. So, last Monday I sneaked home early to grab my camera with the intention of sitting on the grass verge at the end of the runway so I could take some photos of the little space ship when it came in to land.

As ever though, things didn’t go quite to plan - it turned out that I didn’t sneak away from work quite early enough, because when I was at home wondering where I had left my camera, I heard what sounded like a huge jet aircraft in the sky. I ran outside, and there was SpaceShipOne attached to the White Knight craft directly above my house!

I live quite close to the airfield and so I was able to watch from my garden as the White Knight/SpaceShipOne combination flew a few circles before coming in to land.
Now, as someone who likes aviation I think this is a pretty amazing affair – after all it’s not everyday you see a space ship in the sky from your own Garden (unless you live in Florida I suppose!).

I wasn’t the only one who thought this was an amazing moment – traffic literally stopped in the roads as people got out of their cars to watch this magnificant machine in the sky!

A few days later I got to see SpaceShipOne up close when I attended the airshow. I resisted the urge to stick one of our popular Auto Ribbons onto the spacecraft – besides, there were guards there and they were armed, so I decided it probably wasn’t a good idea!

Oh – one last thought before I go:
Close to where SpaceShipOne was displayed, there was a stand for Virgin Galactic. I picked up a flyer for their future tourist flights aboard what will be SpaceShipTwo. These flights only cost $200,000 – anyone want to sponsor me?!


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One Response to “Watching a space ship fly over your house…”

  1. Paul says:

    Excellent! I would love to see SpaceshipOne up close like that.